Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Catching up through pictures

Here are a bunch of random photos showing what the girls have been up to the past few weeks. There is no particular order.

Bike riding. Sanaa and Layla often practice riding their bikes in the garage. The garage has become the "play room" since our house is so small. I don't mind them playing out there at all and I'd really like to finish clearing out the garage so that I could set it up as a better play area for them especially since the rainy season will be here in a couple months.

Painting the patio. I found a sidewalk chalk paint recipe on Pinterest and made it for the girls (it contains cornstarch, water, and food coloring). They really enjoyed it. Sanaa is very artsy and enjoyed creating pictures. Layla enjoyed seeing what all she could paint before I caught her.

The cat was one of Layla's casualties.

Layla's pants were another casualty that got covered with paint.

The girls decided to empty as many containers of toys as they could. The mess drove me crazy! But I remembered a quote I saw that basically said to ignore the mess because the children were making memories. So I ignored the mess. But can you spot Malakai in the picture? He is there.
(Hint: He's only visible from the waist down.)

Making soup for the "caw-caw." There was a crow sitting on top of a nearby tree that continued to caw, so the girls decided the crow was hungry and proceed to make it some soup. Every once in awhile I'd hear from Sanaa, "It's not ready yet." And from Layla I'd hear, "No caw-caw."

Keldorn keeping a close eye on Layla as she colored.

Layla continues to love her baby brother.

And we can't forget Malakai. Here he is with a smile and the best bed head ever.

"Dude. What is that thing?"
He has started to notice his hands and it's fun watching him just stare at his hands in wonder.

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