Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Art wall and laundry

I've tried to hold off on doing much laundry until our dryer arrives but with Layla going through three outfits a day I couldn't hold off on the girls laundry anymore. That child loves dirt and bugs and mud and water. As much as I get tired of all the laundry and the stains I have to remove, I do love her curiosity. So since I needed to do the girls laundry here is how I ended up drying it. Dresses and shirts I hung up and every thing else got draped over laundry baskets and a clothing rack. I really don't mind drying clothes outside so maybe next summer I'll install an actual clothes line somewhere in our backyard. The only downside to drying clothes outside is that they are an awesome target for a 2 year old who has a spray bottle with water that mommy thought was inside.

For awhile I've been trying to figure out the best way to display artwork by our kids. Our fridge gets very cluttered and our pantry door is pretty much covered with Sanaa's artwork. I thought about a bulletin board but figured that would get cluttered quickly as well. I found some ideas on Pinterest for an art wall where you hang pictures on string. So I figured I would test out the idea and see if I liked by using pushpins and string. We have space on the wall to make the string longer but overall I think I like it. I'll be able to rotate the kids drawings and projects quite easily. Sanaa was so excited about it that she made two more pictures to hang up. Right now I have a mix of clothes pins, paper clips, and tape holding the pictures up. I used what I could find.

The girls thought their balloons needed hung up to fill the empty space.

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