Sunday, August 5, 2012

Oregon Coast, part 3.5 - The drive home

Our time at the coast was a lot of fun and none of us really wanted to return home. But Malakai had his two week checkup and I had my two week postpartum appointment to go to. The drive home from the coast is one Nate and I will never forget since it was our worst drive home thus far.

We drove up Highway 101 and headed toward Highway 18. This normally would have only take 30 minutes but instead took over an hour due to July 4th traffic and everybody driving home from the coast. It was the only part of the drive in which all three kids slept. Just as we got to Highway 18 Sanaa and Layla both woke up. Ugh. We still a good 2 hours to drive.

Even though the girls were awake they did well until we hit McMinniville (about an hour from our house). Sanaa suddenly said she needed to go to potty and when she says she needs to that means you need to find a restroom fast. We stopped at a McDonald's and she went.

We continued on our way but only drove for about 20 minutes before getting stuck in more traffic outside of Dundee. Traffic always gets congested in Dundee but I thought we might be okay. Boy was I wrong.

Shortly after got stuck in traffic Sanaa says that she has to potty again. Seriously?!?! She just went! I asked her to hold it and we started to look for a place to stop. It wasn't even 5 minutes after that that Layla suddenly threw up. She was fine one minute and then next she was throwing up all over herself. I cleaned up what I could but quickly ran out of wipes. We were still stuck in Dundee which is just outside Newberg where my parents live. I quickly called my dad to find a short cut to their house but he didn't answer so I called my mom. She didn't answer. AAAHHHHH!!!!

We kept inching through Dundee and a couple minutes after I called my dad called back. I explained that we were stuck in Dundee and that I needed to know a short cut to their house since Layla had thrown up and Sanaa needed to potty. While I was talking to my dad Malakai woke up and began crying and Sanaa started freaking out in the back seat because the smell of Layla's vomit was so strong. So at that point all three kids are screaming. I got the directions from my dad and we headed to my parents house with Sanaa crying while covering her nose and mouth, Malakai screaming his head off, and Layla sitting in her seat looking as white as a sheet. The 10 minute drive to my parents house seemed to take forever.

My parents were both at work so when we arrived at their house I unlocked the door and took Sanaa in to potty. She was still freaking out over the smell and I was afraid she was going to throw up as well. But she insisted that she just needed to lay down on the couch to rest. Nate changed Layla and cleaned her up as best as possible while I fed Malakai. Nate then cleaned off Layla's carseat while the girls watched some tv and rested.

About 45 minutes later we were ready to head to our house. We arrived home 4 1/2 hours after we left the coast. Our 2 hour drive was doubled. But at least we were home.

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