Sunday, August 5, 2012

Oregon Coast, part 2

The house we stayed in at the coast was huge and gave the girls plenty of room to run around and play. There were 3 bedrooms and one back room that could have been used as a bedroom as well. We didn't use the back room since we had more than enough space without it. The one major downside to the house was that only one burner on the stove worked and that made it very hard to cook meals.

A couple of views from the kitchen and living room area. The sunsets we got to see were beautiful.

While at the coast we celebrated Sanaa and Layla's birthdays with Papa Gene and Gramma Carol. I made cupcakes ahead of time and took those with us to the coast. For Layla I made fish cupcakes and for Sanaa I made rainbow cupcakes. 

Layla thoroughly enjoyed making a mess with her cupcake.

Each afternoon we spent at the house so Layla could nap and everyone else could rest. 
The girls hanging out with Papa Gene.

During our time at the coast Layla discovered how much fun it was to jump off of the couch and did it over and over and over.

Malakai hanging out with Gramma Carol.

The girls playing Hi Ho Cherry O with Papa Gene and Gramma Carol. It was one of the many games they got for their birthday. 

Sanaa and Layla also got some fun dresses. Sanaa enjoyed twirling and showing off.

Layla preferred to jump off the couch in her dress. She is such a little tomboy.

The room where Sanaa and Layla slept had bunk beds. The first night we were there Sanaa insisted on sleeping on the top bunk. I was worried she'd get too scared but she really enjoyed it and slept there the entire time we were at the coast. Layla we kept in a pack-n-play since she kept climbing the ladder up to the top bunk and I didn't want her up there in the middle of the night.

Layla on the top bunk with Sanaa.

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