Sunday, August 5, 2012

Oregon Coast, part 1

A month ago Nate's parents were out here for a visit and we spent a majority of it out at the coast. The girls loved our time there and didn't want to come home. Nate's parents rented a house for us to stay in that was right on the coast so we had an awesome view of the ocean. We couldn't walk down to the beach from the house we stayed in due to erosion but instead drove to several different beaches and explored them. The girls spent a lot of time digging and building in the sand, playing in the water, and exploring tide pools.

Building a sand castle (I think) with Gramma Carol.

The completed castle.

Malakai spent most of his time sleeping, which is no surprise since he was only 2 weeks old at the time!

Layla wading in the ocean. The first day Layla was actually scared of the water but very quickly warmed up to it. The water was cold! Some of our days were quite cool but it didn't stop the girls from going in the water. I quickly learned to take at least 2 extra pairs of clothing for the girls since Layla especially needed multiple wardrobe changes.

At one beach Sanaa found a starfish laying in the sand. When she found it she said, "I scored a starfish!"
Both girls got to hold the starfish.

Exploring tidal pools. Layla had lots of fun poking the sea anemones.

Sanaa had fun climbing rocks with Gramma Carol and looking for creatures.

We stayed in Newport, OR and took one morning to visit the aquarium. The girls really enjoyed it. I think Sanaa enjoyed seeing the sharks the most. There was a huge tunnel we got to walk through and watch fish and sharks swim over us. Below Sanaa is peering through the glass on the floor to see more fish.

Gramma Carol, Sanaa and Malakai inside a sharks mouth.

Layla in a deep sea diver mask.

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