Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Newberg Old Fashion Festival

The last Saturday in July I took the kids to Newberg for the Old Fashion Festival. Nate had to work which was a bummer but next year we'll make sure he requests to have the day off. This is a festival that spans 4 days but we just went for the pancake breakfast and parade on Saturday morning. This was the first parade that the girls had ever gone to and I wasn't sure how they would respond.

Sanaa and Layla digging into their pancakes. There was also scrambled eggs and sausage to eat. You could get the pancakes plain or with blueberries. Sanaa wanted plain ones and Layla had one of each. I of course got the blueberry pancakes.

Malakai hanging out and waiting for the parade to begin.

The parade is finally beginning and the girls are getting excited!

Sanaa told me this was a unicorn since it had a "pointy thing" on its head.

Lots of firetrucks came through first.

And this is how Layla responded to the firetrucks and their horns. She was scared. She didn't want me or my dad to hold her. She preferred to sit at grandpa's feet and hide until they were gone.

Waiting to see more of the parade. We were at the end of the parade and it was much more spread out by that point.

The concept of grabbing candy was foreign to Sanaa. At first she would just stand there with her hands held out expecting to catch some candy. But that didn't work. I explained that she needed to get a little closer and whenever I saw someone coming with candy I told her to go stand on the road. The first few tries she didn't get any candy and was getting upset. Fortunately, we had some nice strangers near us that collected a few pieces for her. She finally got the hang of grabbing the candy and we ended up coming home with a bag full.

After the parade we went to my parents house for lunch and to give Layla a nap. Layla refused to nap. She kept climbing out of the pack 'n' play and would open the door and come out. I finally gave up and let the girls watch a little tv. After a little down time, the girls and I walked over to my parents' neighbor's house with my dad to pick cherries. The neighbor had told my dad that their cherry trees had a lot of cherries and there was no way they would use them so we were free to take as much as we wanted.

We came home with a lot of cherries! I think that is a 4 gallon bucket my dad filled (I can't remember for sure). The girls also had their two little buckets that we filled as well. I ended up freezing a bunch of cherries that I can use this winter. There is nothing better than free cherries!

After cherry picking, the kiddos, my mom and I went to pick up some pizza for dinner. Layla fell asleep immediately in the car. She didn't even wake up once we got back to my parents house so I laid her down in the middle of the living room. I ended up waking her for dinner but it was hard. She did not want to wake up. The poor thing was so tired!

We finished the day with grandma reading a story and then I packed the kids up and headed home. It was a fun but very tiring day.

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