Monday, August 13, 2012

Malakai's 2 month check up

This afternoon I took Malakai in for his 2 month check up. He doesn't officially turn 2 months old until next Monday but the pediatrician strongly suggested two weeks ago when we were there that I move his 2 month check up earlier so she could check on his reflux. I'm glad the appointment was earlier because over the past few days Malakai has become fussier. The pediatrician did increase his Zantac dosage so we'll see if that helps.

Aside from the reflux and fussiness, Malakai is a very healthy little guy who is growing well and eating well. He is up to 11 pounds 5.7 oz (approximately the 40th percentile). He is also 22.44 inches in length (25th percentile). Depending on the way his sits, he has a double chin which makes me chuckle since the girls never had double chins.

Malakai received 3 shots and 1 oral vaccine. That made him very grumpy and he was quite grumpy for the rest of the day. But here are some shots of him before he became really grumpy.

Malakai has started to give us a social smile. He lights up when he sees his big sisters and he's finally given me some smiles as well which makes dealing with all his fussiness a little easier.

At the doctor's office before he got his shots Malakai enjoyed hanging out on the exam table. His happiness was brief.

While this post is about Malakai's check up, I need to share about Layla's shenanigan's at his check up. Right after the nurse finished weighing Malakai and measuring him Layla decided to see what was behind the closed doors. Malakai is weighed and measured in the hallway and there is a closed door right next to that area which happens to be a closet as we found out today thanks to Layla. 

However her shenanigan's didn't stop there. I was holding Malakai in the exam room while the nurse gave him the oral vaccine. Sanaa was standing to the side of the nurse watching and Layla disappeared behind the nurse. I then heard something rattle. I Immediately knew Layla was touching something on the counter but didn't know what. So I said, "Layla don't touch anything on the counter." The nurse turned and gasped and we found Layla holding one of the syringes that contained one of Malakai's vaccines. Thankfully Layla did not pull the cap off but she did manage to push some of the vaccine out. The nurse  moved the rest of the items to the very back of the counter and left to get a new syringe. I made Layla sit in the chair. She knew she was in trouble. I'm pretty sure that the nurse will never again leave syringes so closes to the edge of the counter!


Jamie said...

Kids - especially toddlers - gotta love em! :-) You're doing a great job mama!! Wish I was close enough to steal some baby snuggles!! :-)

Kristen said...

I'm glad Malakai is growing so well! sorry that he's fussy! enjoy those smiles when you can! :)