Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A brief update

I know it's been awhile since my last post. My last post was the day before Nate returned to work. He had been off for a month which was awesome. Transitioning to taking care of 3 young kids by myself has been a bigger and more tiring challenge than I expected. During these past couple weeks I've also been busy washing, sorting, and tagging the girls old clothes so that I could sell them at a consignment sale this weekend. I dropped off the clothes last night and that is a huge weight off. But even with that pressure off of me my days are still exhausting.

I had 4 boxes of clothes and 1 box filled with shoes, socks, toys, and other items that I dropped off at the sale.

A week to a week and a half ago Malakai began fussing and crying a lot. Last week I spent two days with Malakai strapped to me since it was the only way to keep him calm. The moby wrap worked well and I was able to keep my hands free but my back and feet hurt by the end of each day. I couldn't put Malakai down because any time I did he would wake up and start crying which then turn into him screaming.

On Monday I ended up taking Malakai in to see the pediatrician. I was afraid that I had another colicky baby and I honestly was not sure how I was going to deal with that. After talking with the pediatrician (who is awesome! I love our new pediatrician!) she decided to put him on Zantac (for reflux) since his crying tended to happen more often after eating or when laid down. He's been on Zantac since Monday and there appears to be a slight improvement. He's still spent a good amount of time crying in the afternoons but it's also a little easier to get him calmed down.

Since Nate has returned to work, Layla has also had a hard time adjusting. She is acting out the terrible two's very well. She's thrown numerous tantrums, has refused to nap nearly every day, yells at Sanaa, grabs from Sanaa, and often says to me, "No mom!"

Sanaa has been fairly well behaved (I've only had a couple of times where she melted down) and a really good helper. She's not afraid to sit with Malakai when he's screaming so that I can take care of Layla. In fact a couple of times she's actually gotten Malakai to stop screaming.

I know that right now is probably the most difficult time with the kids being so young. I'm responsible for taking care of nearly all of their needs which is physically draining. The days that are my good days are the days that I have very low expectations. If I get diapers changed, lunch and dinner served, and one load of laundry done I consider that a good day. An awesome day is when I can get floors cleaned, bathrooms clean, and counters cleared off and have time to play with the kids. But that hasn't really happened yet.

I still intend to get caught up on posts and want to share about our time at the coast a month ago as well as the girls going to their first parade, picking cherries, watching uncle Ryan play hockey, and some sweet moments between the kids at home. But I honestly don't know when I'll get to those posts. Hopefully I'll get them up soon. For now just pray that the Zantac works for Malakai and he settles down, pray that Layla eases up on the tantrums and acting out, and pray that I stay patient as I take care of the kids and don't get all stressed out over a cluttered house (and for those that know me, you know I can't stand having cluttered counters or rooms!).

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