Monday, August 20, 2012

2 months old

Malakai is 2 months old today. Since he already had his 2 month check up I don't have any of that to report on. However, he has been less fussy the past 4 days. Ever since I began letting him nap on his tummy he has been a fairly good natured baby during the day. We've had very few screaming sessions and when he has cried it seems to be due to gas. Today he was a tad fussier but I also realized he hasn't pooped since Friday. Poor guy. That makes me cranky too!

We did have a rough night last night. He was up 6 times. Not fun at all. He was very restless all night long. So I'm making some changes beginning tonight. I moved Malakai out of our room today and took down the pack 'n' play. He has been napping in crib during the day and now he'll spend his nights there too. I'm wondering if he is more comfortable in his crib than the pack 'n' play and I guess tonight we'll find out.

He isn't on a schedule yet, but now that I think we've figured out how to get him to nap for longer periods I can begin getting him on a schedule. Today he took a morning nap that was 2 hours long, an afternoon nap that was 2 1/2 hours long plus a 45 minute nap this evening. It's the first day where he has taken 3 good naps and not any cat naps. 

Here are some 2 month pictures I took of our little guy.
A very small smile. He has become more social and I'm able to get a fair amount of smiles from him during the day. He also coos and tries to "talk." Sanaa and Layla still get the biggest smiles from him.

I was just getting ready to take some shots of Malakai doing tummy time when I heard Layla call, "Mom, mom?" (Yes, she has started calling me mom.) Then she came bounding in the room and plopped down next to Malakai. She had to do tummy with him.

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Kristen said...

he is just too cute!! :)