Friday, August 31, 2012

Meet Malakai party

Last weekend we also had a Meet Malakai family gathering with my dad's family (at least the ones that live in Oregon). So it was a busy, but fun weekend. My mom and sister-in-law hosted the party. We had a good time but it's always fun getting together with family. Malakai received some clothes (always a great present!), some books, and an adorable lamp. The lamp has Humpty Dumpty on it and I really need to get a picture of it. The best part was that I was going to buy a lamp for Malakai's room since the one that was in his room wouldn't work (and yes, I put a new light bulb in it and it still wouldn't work). So I was quite excited to receive a lamp as a gift.

This is the cake Karen made. It was adorable! It also tasted great and in fact, Sanaa nearly threw a tantrum that she couldn't have more.

Sanaa sneaking some food. Both girls ate a lot of chips!

Uncle Ryan working his magic with Malakai who was fussing.

Grandpa hanging out with two of his grandkids.

Congratulations mom!!!

For the past 3 years my mom has been taking online courses working towards getting her masters of science in nursing. Two weeks ago she finished her last class. Woohoo! Last weekend we had a small celebration for her. 

I made graduation cupcakes with the help of the girls. Sanaa chose pink icing for the cupcakes. The graduation caps where made out of reese's peanut butter cups and a hershey chocolate bar. I cut the bar into squares, put a dot of icing on top of the peanut butter cup, and then stuck the hershey bar on that. For the tassel I used a short piece of twizzler with a dot of icing to hold it in place.

The finished cupcakes.

Everyone enjoyed the cupcakes. We also had some homemade blackberry ice cream that we churned in my dad's ice cream churn. The blackberries were from my parent's blackberry bushes at the end of their garden. Blackberry bushes grow like weeds out here so we've been able to get a lot of blackberries for free the past few weeks.

Even Ariana wanted to try some but grandpa wouldn't share.

She was probably thinking, "Come on grandpa. Just a little bite. Mommy will never know!"

Thursday, August 30, 2012

It's my birthday!

Today is my birthday. Happy birthday to me! For the past couple of weeks since Sanaa found out my birthday was approaching she has been suggesting all sorts of cake ideas that we could make. I wasn't about to decorate my own cake so instead I let Sanaa and Layla do the decorating. I might just make this a yearly tradition. The girls had a blast and I personally love that both of them wanted to decorate a special cake for me. It'll be fun to watch them over the years and see how their cake decorating skills improve!

All I did was bake 2 circle cakes and mix 4 different colors of icing. They both also wanted to put some sprinkles on their cakes.

Sanaa made me a rainbow cake since I made one for her.

Layla was so excited to decorate the cake but ended up eating more icing than she put on the cake.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Malakai and cousin Ariana

This is the conversation I imagine Malakai and Ariana had.

"Hey cuz. What's up?" says Malakai.

"You like my cool moves?" Malakai brags.

"That's nice, but look at mine!" said Ariana.
"Wow!" replied Malakai.

"Don't worry M, one day you'll be able to do that too." Ariana said as she reassured Malakai.

Malakai's smile

It is smiles like this from Malakai that make all these rough days worth it.

Now if only he'd start sleeping longer at night and not decide that it's time to play around 12:30am.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Preparing for the gala

This afternoon Sanaa and Layla disappeared into their room. It was a little quiet (never a good thing even though I had been asking them to quiet down since Malakai was napping) and when Sanaa came out she announced that they were getting ready for a gala. Currently My Little Pony is the favorite tv show around here and there is an episode where the ponies attend a gala. 

The girls needed a little help with their outfits. But apparently needed no help in using my makeup. Sanaa helped herself to some of my face powder because she needed to look pretty like a princess.

It might be hard to see that Sanaa is also wearing a pretty pink ring over her gloves and a bracelet.

Monday, August 20, 2012

2 months old

Malakai is 2 months old today. Since he already had his 2 month check up I don't have any of that to report on. However, he has been less fussy the past 4 days. Ever since I began letting him nap on his tummy he has been a fairly good natured baby during the day. We've had very few screaming sessions and when he has cried it seems to be due to gas. Today he was a tad fussier but I also realized he hasn't pooped since Friday. Poor guy. That makes me cranky too!

We did have a rough night last night. He was up 6 times. Not fun at all. He was very restless all night long. So I'm making some changes beginning tonight. I moved Malakai out of our room today and took down the pack 'n' play. He has been napping in crib during the day and now he'll spend his nights there too. I'm wondering if he is more comfortable in his crib than the pack 'n' play and I guess tonight we'll find out.

He isn't on a schedule yet, but now that I think we've figured out how to get him to nap for longer periods I can begin getting him on a schedule. Today he took a morning nap that was 2 hours long, an afternoon nap that was 2 1/2 hours long plus a 45 minute nap this evening. It's the first day where he has taken 3 good naps and not any cat naps. 

Here are some 2 month pictures I took of our little guy.
A very small smile. He has become more social and I'm able to get a fair amount of smiles from him during the day. He also coos and tries to "talk." Sanaa and Layla still get the biggest smiles from him.

I was just getting ready to take some shots of Malakai doing tummy time when I heard Layla call, "Mom, mom?" (Yes, she has started calling me mom.) Then she came bounding in the room and plopped down next to Malakai. She had to do tummy with him.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Swimming and sleeping

Sanaa has done a full 180 in regards to swimming lessons. On Wednesday Nate took her and he reported that she whimpered a little at the beginning but was fine after that. She would even look over at Nate and tell him she was having fun. 

Today, she was just plain excited to be in the water. She was talking non-stop with her teacher, making funny faces at the lifeguard (and he made funny faces back), and was bouncing all over the place. The teacher took turns helping the kids out into the deeper water and Sanaa would bounce around and ask her teacher, "Can I go now? Can I have a turn?" Several times Sanaa would look over at me and Layla and wave. Sanaa even jumped into the pool at the end of her lesson. All the kids were given a chance to jump to their teacher and Sanaa wanted to jump more but the lesson was over for today. She still has two more weeks of swimming lessons so I'm glad she is finally enjoying it.

There was also a one point during the lesson that I heard Sanaa inform the teacher and lifeguard that her mom was afraid of spiders. I couldn't figure out what they were talking about. At the end of the lesson Sanaa told me that they pretended to be spiders and put their feet on the wall. That must have been when she informed everyone about my fear dislike of spiders. 

Here are the two pictures I was able to get today of Sanaa practicing swimming on her back. Layla was continually attempting to climb the fence so I couldn't take many pictures of Sanaa.

Sanaa showing Layla how to swim in our small kiddie pool.

On a different note, it's been a struggle to get Malakai to sleep for long periods. He sleeps great in the car but at home he won't lay down for long periods. I was hesitant to lay him down for naps on his tummy but yesterday I decided to give it a shot since he seemed to hate being laid down on his back. Yesterday he napped for a good 2 1/2 hours!

So today I tried laying him down for a nap on his tummy again and he went right to sleep! Amazing! He must like the pressure on his belly and I know he also likes being able to suck on his hand. 

At night I continue to lay him on his back. I'm way too nervous to let him sleep on his tummy at night. As it is, I constantly check on him while he's napping since he's on his tummy. We might just have a tummy sleeper, which is fine if it gets me a decent break during the day!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Newberg Old Fashion Festival

The last Saturday in July I took the kids to Newberg for the Old Fashion Festival. Nate had to work which was a bummer but next year we'll make sure he requests to have the day off. This is a festival that spans 4 days but we just went for the pancake breakfast and parade on Saturday morning. This was the first parade that the girls had ever gone to and I wasn't sure how they would respond.

Sanaa and Layla digging into their pancakes. There was also scrambled eggs and sausage to eat. You could get the pancakes plain or with blueberries. Sanaa wanted plain ones and Layla had one of each. I of course got the blueberry pancakes.

Malakai hanging out and waiting for the parade to begin.

The parade is finally beginning and the girls are getting excited!

Sanaa told me this was a unicorn since it had a "pointy thing" on its head.

Lots of firetrucks came through first.

And this is how Layla responded to the firetrucks and their horns. She was scared. She didn't want me or my dad to hold her. She preferred to sit at grandpa's feet and hide until they were gone.

Waiting to see more of the parade. We were at the end of the parade and it was much more spread out by that point.

The concept of grabbing candy was foreign to Sanaa. At first she would just stand there with her hands held out expecting to catch some candy. But that didn't work. I explained that she needed to get a little closer and whenever I saw someone coming with candy I told her to go stand on the road. The first few tries she didn't get any candy and was getting upset. Fortunately, we had some nice strangers near us that collected a few pieces for her. She finally got the hang of grabbing the candy and we ended up coming home with a bag full.

After the parade we went to my parents house for lunch and to give Layla a nap. Layla refused to nap. She kept climbing out of the pack 'n' play and would open the door and come out. I finally gave up and let the girls watch a little tv. After a little down time, the girls and I walked over to my parents' neighbor's house with my dad to pick cherries. The neighbor had told my dad that their cherry trees had a lot of cherries and there was no way they would use them so we were free to take as much as we wanted.

We came home with a lot of cherries! I think that is a 4 gallon bucket my dad filled (I can't remember for sure). The girls also had their two little buckets that we filled as well. I ended up freezing a bunch of cherries that I can use this winter. There is nothing better than free cherries!

After cherry picking, the kiddos, my mom and I went to pick up some pizza for dinner. Layla fell asleep immediately in the car. She didn't even wake up once we got back to my parents house so I laid her down in the middle of the living room. I ended up waking her for dinner but it was hard. She did not want to wake up. The poor thing was so tired!

We finished the day with grandma reading a story and then I packed the kids up and headed home. It was a fun but very tiring day.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Malakai's 2 month check up

This afternoon I took Malakai in for his 2 month check up. He doesn't officially turn 2 months old until next Monday but the pediatrician strongly suggested two weeks ago when we were there that I move his 2 month check up earlier so she could check on his reflux. I'm glad the appointment was earlier because over the past few days Malakai has become fussier. The pediatrician did increase his Zantac dosage so we'll see if that helps.

Aside from the reflux and fussiness, Malakai is a very healthy little guy who is growing well and eating well. He is up to 11 pounds 5.7 oz (approximately the 40th percentile). He is also 22.44 inches in length (25th percentile). Depending on the way his sits, he has a double chin which makes me chuckle since the girls never had double chins.

Malakai received 3 shots and 1 oral vaccine. That made him very grumpy and he was quite grumpy for the rest of the day. But here are some shots of him before he became really grumpy.

Malakai has started to give us a social smile. He lights up when he sees his big sisters and he's finally given me some smiles as well which makes dealing with all his fussiness a little easier.

At the doctor's office before he got his shots Malakai enjoyed hanging out on the exam table. His happiness was brief.

While this post is about Malakai's check up, I need to share about Layla's shenanigan's at his check up. Right after the nurse finished weighing Malakai and measuring him Layla decided to see what was behind the closed doors. Malakai is weighed and measured in the hallway and there is a closed door right next to that area which happens to be a closet as we found out today thanks to Layla. 

However her shenanigan's didn't stop there. I was holding Malakai in the exam room while the nurse gave him the oral vaccine. Sanaa was standing to the side of the nurse watching and Layla disappeared behind the nurse. I then heard something rattle. I Immediately knew Layla was touching something on the counter but didn't know what. So I said, "Layla don't touch anything on the counter." The nurse turned and gasped and we found Layla holding one of the syringes that contained one of Malakai's vaccines. Thankfully Layla did not pull the cap off but she did manage to push some of the vaccine out. The nurse  moved the rest of the items to the very back of the counter and left to get a new syringe. I made Layla sit in the chair. She knew she was in trouble. I'm pretty sure that the nurse will never again leave syringes so closes to the edge of the counter!