Monday, July 16, 2012

Sanaa's 4 year check up

I still have many other things I want to post about but I figured I would do this quick update on Sanaa. She had her 4 year check up this morning and it went well. We do have some things that we need to work on with her such as memorizing her full name, her address, phone number, and our (Nate & I) names. When asked her last name she almost always responds, "Sanaa" even though I've mentioned to her many times that her last name is Pond. She's also called me by my first name but when asked what my name is she always replies, "Mommy." Then there are a few other things like encouraging her to undo buttons and actually dress herself. She can easily undress herself but doesn't like to dress herself at all. The only item of clothing she wants to put on by herself every day is her shoes.

Weight wise Sanaa is in the 50th percentile at 37 pounds and the 25th percentile for height (3 feet 3 inches). She did not receive any shots but did need to get her finger pricked so that she could be tested for anemia. Our new pediatrician likes to do that at a 12 month check up but neither Nate or I could remember if she had been tested.

Sanaa also had her hearing and vision checked. She passed the hearing test and her vision is 20/25 which the nurse said was good for her age.

Here are a few pictures from our week.

Both girls love to watch and help when Malakai gets a bath.

One evening the girls really wanted to help wash Malakai so I let them. Malakai was a really good sport  and didn't fuss while his sisters washed his arms, legs, and belly.

Eventually I will post about Nate's parents visit and our time at the Oregon coast as well as my brother's hockey game and anything else I've missed so far.

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