Friday, July 20, 2012

Malakai's newborn pictures

These are Malakai's newborn pictures that were taken at the hospital. He was only 2 days old! Nate let me purchase the CD with these pictures so any family (or friends) that would like one (or more) of them let me know! I can either email you the picture to print off or I can print off a 5x7 or 4x6 for you. Also, each pose come in black and white as well as color, so if there is a pose that you'd like to see in black and white I can email that to you. I've numbered each pose, so just send me an email and let me know the number(s) that you like.









Malakai - 1 month old

Today Malakai is 1 month old and growing fast. I did a mini photo shoot with him this afternoon and you may notice that his newborn onesie is starting to look a little snug on him. Several of his newborn onesie's are getting a tad tight at the bottom. I don't want him to outgrow his newborn clothes so fast! I was very surprised at how awake and alert he was when I took these pictures. He had been up for nearly 2 hours and I honestly thought he'd either cry the entire time or fall asleep. But he enjoyed himself and just kicked his feet as he looked around.

Overall, this has been a good month with Malakai. By this point both girls were starting to cry a lot and we had a hard time calming them down. Malakai definitely has his moments where he cries/screams but generally we can calm him down fairly quick. 

Last weekend was rough and he spent a good portion of it crying. I was starting to worry he was going to follow in sister's footsteps and spend hours crying. So Nate went to the store looking for mylicon (gas relief medicine) but instead came home with gripe water because he couldn't find any mylicon. We've used the gripe water all week with Malakai and when a drop of it touches his mouth he begins to calm down. It's amazing. Unlike the girls I can tell that the majority of Malakai's crying is due to tummy discomfort. He is gassy and poops a lot! (In a 2 1/2 day period we went through a 40 count package of diapers!). I'm actually looking at getting him into some cloth diapers asap so that we can stop spending so much on disposable diapers.

Some other little tidbits about Malakai are that he does not like to sleep in the bassinet. He stopped napping in it at the beginning of this week and we've been laying him down in his crib. At night he still sleeps in our pack-n-play next to me. Sometimes during the day he'll sleep without us swaddling him and is very comfortable that way but at night he prefers to be swaddled.

Nate has been able to feed him twice from a bottle and Malakai took to it with no problem. This will definitely make things easier when I begin practicing with the flute choir in September. Sanaa was okay with a bottle, but Layla refused the bottle completely. So it was a surprise that Malakai took to the bottle so fast.

Layla found me as I was taking Malakai's pictures and laid down next to him. She really loves her baby brother and is very attentive to him. Sanaa really likes Malakai too but is not as attentive as Layla. Sanaa has to be in a certain mood and will ask to hold or help change Malakai whereas Layla makes a beeline for Malakai the moment I put him down.

Snoozing in his crib.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Sanaa's 4 year check up

I still have many other things I want to post about but I figured I would do this quick update on Sanaa. She had her 4 year check up this morning and it went well. We do have some things that we need to work on with her such as memorizing her full name, her address, phone number, and our (Nate & I) names. When asked her last name she almost always responds, "Sanaa" even though I've mentioned to her many times that her last name is Pond. She's also called me by my first name but when asked what my name is she always replies, "Mommy." Then there are a few other things like encouraging her to undo buttons and actually dress herself. She can easily undress herself but doesn't like to dress herself at all. The only item of clothing she wants to put on by herself every day is her shoes.

Weight wise Sanaa is in the 50th percentile at 37 pounds and the 25th percentile for height (3 feet 3 inches). She did not receive any shots but did need to get her finger pricked so that she could be tested for anemia. Our new pediatrician likes to do that at a 12 month check up but neither Nate or I could remember if she had been tested.

Sanaa also had her hearing and vision checked. She passed the hearing test and her vision is 20/25 which the nurse said was good for her age.

Here are a few pictures from our week.

Both girls love to watch and help when Malakai gets a bath.

One evening the girls really wanted to help wash Malakai so I let them. Malakai was a really good sport  and didn't fuss while his sisters washed his arms, legs, and belly.

Eventually I will post about Nate's parents visit and our time at the Oregon coast as well as my brother's hockey game and anything else I've missed so far.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Malakai's 2 week check up

Today Malakai is 3 weeks old but I never posted about his 2 week check up last week. I imagine that for awhile I'll be consistently behind on updating the blog. Nate's parents were here visiting last week and this week Nate and I are cleaning out the garage and house. So between taking care of children and getting boxes emptied I'm finding very little time for myself.

Malakai's stats from his check up last week were: weight 8 pounds 1 ounce (50th percentile), height 20.67 inches (50th percentile), and head circumference 14 inches (30th percentile).

He is growing very well. The pediatrician laid him on his tummy to see what he would do and he lifted his head for her. Amazing! I'm going to start doing tummy time with him since he's already starting to lift his head. I've also pulled out one of his play mats and he'll lay there quite contentedly and look at the toys. He is so different than Sanaa and Layla. I don't remember the girls ever being content for long when I laid them down on the play mat. So far (and I hope I don't jinx myself!) but Malakai is a much more laid back baby. And for those that know how difficult Sanaa and Layla were this is a wonderful change. I keep telling myself that things could change but for now I'm enjoying the fact that he is easy going and only cries when hungry, gassy, or tired.

The girls have started trying to play with Malakai. They show him toys, tickle his feet, and shake rattles for him. Sanaa also sings to him.

Malakai looking at a little mirror.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Interview with Sanaa age 4

We've been busy this week. Nate's parents are here visiting us and we've spent the last 5 days out at the coast so I haven't been on the computer much in the last 5 days. Here is the interview I did with Sanaa over the weekend that I promised to post.

Sanaa really enjoyed answering questions and wanted me to ask her more. So at the end I was trying to come up with new questions to ask her. Last year she hated answering the questions and this year she wanted more questions!

What is your favorite color? purple, red, pink, brown
(I was surprised she said brown. She definitely loves everything that is purple, red, or pink.)

What is your favorite song? My Little Pony

What is your favorite tv show? crocodile
(I wasn't sure what that meant. She currently asks to watch My Little Pony, Shaun the Sheep, and Curious George.)

What is your favorite game? tag your it
(She thinks that the game of tag is really called tag your it. So cute!)

What is your favorite thing to do outside? decorate the walls (fence)
(She enjoys digging in the dirt, coloring the fence with chalk, and looking for bugs.)

What is your favorite book? My Little Pony
(I found one book from my childhood at my parents house that is a My Little Pony story. It's so fun watching her enjoy My Little Pony as much as I did growing up.)

Where is your favorite place to go? enjoy Aria, Merlin, and Keldorn (I don't think she understood the question); likes to go to the zoo (she gave this answer the second time I asked)

Who are your friends? Ainsley and Layla
(I love how she remembers her first good friend Ainsley! Ainsley now lives in Iowa and we live in Oregon, so she doesn't get to see Ainsley anymore. I also love how she listed her sister as a friend too. I hope they remain friends.)

Who is your church friend? Shawna (this is the children's pastor at our new church who is also in our small group)

What toys do you enjoy playing with? medals, rainbows, legos, and bugs

What is your favorite food? chicken nuggets, cherries

What is your favorite drink? chocolate milk

What is your favorite fruit? apple

What do you like to draw? flowers

What is your favorite animal? flamingo, pigs, zebra

What is your favorite Bible story? a pink one, flowers and rainbows, Noah's ark

What do you want to be when you grow up? a princess

What makes you happy? flowers, rainbows

What makes you sad? time outs

What do you like to do with daddy? play tag your it

What do you like to cook? hamburgers
(I didn't expect this answer since she doesn't even like to eat hamburgers. She really like to help me make pizza pockets.)

What is your favorite flower? a red one

What is your favorite thing to grow in our garden? strawberries

What is your favorite thing to wear? a dress

And that is the conclusion of the interview with Sanaa for this year!