Saturday, June 9, 2012

Sanaa and Layla's birthday party

This year we decided to hold one party for both girls and only invited my parents, my brother, sister-in-law, and little niece. I had thought about doing two separate parties for the girls but after thinking and talking it over it made more sense to keep things very small this year. 

From the beginning I wanted to make Layla a fish cake. She gets very excited when she sees a "Ishy." She'll even scribble on paper and show it to me and say, "Ishy!" I was hoping that Sanaa would also want some type of ocean theme but when I started talking to Sanaa about her birthday she first wanted a princess/ballerina cake and then changed her mind to a rainbow cake. She finally settled on a rainbow cake and then it was up to me to figure out how to combine a fish cake and rainbow cake. So I went with a rainbow theme and made the fish cake fit in.

We only did a little decorating by hanging streamers and balloons from our front window in the dining room. The girls loved the rainbow colors and when Sanaa saw it she gasped with excitement and said, "Wow mom! It's so beautiful!" 

Opening the presents was chaos. The girls pulled out one item and they were ready to play and forget about everything else. We told Sanaa that she had more items in her bag and she literally came over to the bag, lift an item out, said, "Oh wow!", and threw behind her on the floor. Then she returned to our back door to look for birds with her new binoculars. At one point I told her that she still had more to open and Sanaa responded by saying, "No mom. I need to look at birds right now." This made my dad proud! He is a birder. A week or so ago my dad and his brothers made a short trip to eastern Oregon for the sole purpose of bird watching, so it's really cute that Sanaa seems to be taking up this hobby.

Sanaa's big gift from us was a bike. She is a cautious child and has not asked for a bike until recently. We'll see how she does. Once we raised the seat on her bike, she got upset and kept saying she couldn't get on the bike. Then she got frustrated with not being able to pedal. She kept pushing the pedals backwards and braking instead of going forward.

Layla on the other hand thought Sanaa's new bike was awesome and hopped on up all by herself even though she couldn't reach the pedals. If the bike seat is at the lowest setting, Layla can reach the pedals, so a new bike for Layla may be in her near future. I had hoped that Layla would be fine with Sanaa's red tricycle, but I was very wrong. She wants nothing to do with the tricycle and desperately wants to ride Sanaa's bike. Layla is pretty much Sanaa's opposite and is not afraid to try anything new.

The girls also got a bunch of doll accessories and some plastic dolls that they can give a bath to. Layla immediately took all the clothes off the dolls and began potty training the doll. We'll see how quickly the doll learns.

Layla also tried out the small potty. 

I gave Sanaa some of my old ponies (My Little Pony) that I found in my parents attic. She is into watching My Little Pony and was very excited to see the ponies.

I'll do a separate post on the cakes but each girl had their own cake. Sanaa had a rainbow cake and I turned Layla's fish cake into a rainbow fish cake.

A shot of the girls, my parents, my brother, and sister-in-law eating some cake. My little niece wanted some to eat too, but she's not quite old enough.

The girls had a lot of fun and at least for this year having their party together worked out really well. I may not get away with doing this next year, but at least it worked out this year.

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