Wednesday, June 27, 2012

One week old

Malakai is one week old today and it feels like it has been much longer that he has been with us. Part of that could be due to the fact that since last Thursday night Malakai has been sleeping very little at night. The first night (after he was born) was great. I had to actually wake him up to eat. But all the nights after that were not much fun. He was waking up every hour to hour and half. I had hoped that would change once my milk came in but that didn't seem to make much difference. I was plumb exhausted and not much use to Nate during the day so he was stuck taking care of the girls during the day while I tried to nap here and there. 

But everything changed yesterday. We had a follow up appointment with the lactation consultant and got some great information and tips. At first I was a bit discouraged because as I told the lady everything I was doing she gave me positive feed back and said I was doing everything right and that we might just have a baby that was a grazer and would be up a lot. Ugh. But then she suggested I try using the football hold when nursing Malakai. I tried this with Layla and didn't like it as much and Layla didn't like it either so I wasn't so sure it would help. But at the appointment I tried it with Malakai and he ate more during that feeding then he ever has. So yesterday and last night I used the football hold when feeding Malakai and he only woke up 4 times last night! He had been waking up at least 8 times during the night. He slept a good 2 1/2 hours between feedings and I feel like a new person after getting 2 hours of sleep in a row. 

We'll go back to the lactation consultant on Friday for a weight check and then next week he'll have his two week appointment. But so far Malakai is doing great. He had no jaundice unlike Sanaa and Layla who both had to be checked a couple of times to make sure their bilirubin levels were going down. Overall, this first week he has been a fairly mellow and laid back baby. Once he has food in his little belly he's quite content to hang out until he wants to sleep. He also seems to be more alert than our girls were at this age.

Wide awake and checking out the world. 

All bundled and ready to head home from the hospital. We left the hospital on a cloudy cool day. We're still waiting for summer to arrive here in NW!

A picture with all my kiddos. I'm not sure why Sanaa was holding up that book.

Once we were home Sanaa was ready to hold Malakai. She's been a wonderful big sister and very attentive. In fact when he started crying I told her he was probably hungry so she responded, "Mom you need to pull up your shirt and feed him now!" Oh my. I'm a little afraid of the things she may tell people.

Layla also loves to hold Malakai. Both girls love to help when he needs a diaper change. Diaper changes seem to be a family affair around here.

Layla gets very excited to see Malakai in the mornings. She yells, "Baby!" when I come out to the living room with him. The first morning we were home I heard both girls ask where the baby was when they came out of their room.

Sanaa watching tv and hanging out with her little brother.

This afternoon we finally gave Malakai his first bath at home. He needed it but I've been too tired to even think about doing it. Overall he was okay with the bath.

As for me, I'm doing well and seem to healing from this c-section a lot faster than the last two. Just 6 hours after the c-section the nurses had me up and around. Part of me thinks that may have helped in speeding up my recovery but I have no proof of that. With Sanaa and Layla I was in bed for at least the first day and it seems like I had more pain while recovering. Since being home I've tried to take it as easy as possible. While I feel pretty good I keep reminding myself that I did just have a c-section a week ago and I need to be careful.

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Kristen said...

Cute pictures! Malakai is adorable and the girls look like great big sisters!! Glad you are all doing well and especially glad that Malakai is sleeping better!!!