Thursday, June 21, 2012

Meet Malakai

On June 20th shortly after 8am Malakai Daniel was born. He was 7 lbs, 5 oz and 20 inches long. Both Malakai and I are doing well. I'm not in as much pain as I expected after this c-section. The nurses had me up and about yesterday afternoon (roughly 6 hours after my c-section) which was a surprise since the last two times I've been stuck in bed for about 24 hours and then I was allowed up. 

Nate, Malakai, and I shortly after he was born.

Sanaa and Layla meeting their new brother.

Malakai meeting grandpa Lind while the girls looked on.

Grandma Lind and Layla checking out Malakai's hair.

Sanaa was more concerned about me being in a hospital bed than seeing her new brother.

Layla loves her new brother and desperately wanted to hold him. Sanaa said she didn't want to hold him and would wait until she was older.

Taking a snooze.

Aunt Karen and Malakai

Cousin Ariana meeting Malakai

While I'm doing well today, the first few hours right after the c-section I wasn't doing so hot. I had a lot of nausea and throwing up after I was wheeled out of the operating room and back to my room. The nurse and anesthesiologist were giving me everything they could think of to ease the nausea and stop the throwing up. Thankfully Malakai slept those first few hours and waited for me to feel better before waking up and attempting to eat.

The doctor told me that I should be released on Saturday. Yay! Then we get to begin the transition of becoming a family of 5. Since both girls responded so positively to Malakai, I think our transition will go quite well and I'll have 2 extra helpers that want to care for Malakai. In fact, when Sanaa first met her brother she asked if we could take him home now.

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