Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Layla's 2 year check up

We found a new pediatrician and I really like her. We had one that we went to right after we moved to Oregon but it was a good 20 minute drive and while she was nice, the girls never seemed to warm up to her. Then Nate found a pediatrician that is only 5-6 minutes from us. Yay! I met her on Monday and then Tuesday Layla had her check up. The girls warmed up to the new pediatrician really quick.

Layla is a healthy, petite girl. Her stats are as follows: weight 23 lbs (5th percentile), height 34 inches (50th percentile), and head circumference (10th percentile). She only got one shot and is now good until her 5th birthday. Yay for no more shots for 3 years!!!

Favorite foods: berries (strawberries, blueberries, blackberries), cherries, pear, bananas, cucumber, hot dogs, mac & cheese, cheese, fish crackers, pretzels, ice cream, homemade pizza pockets, corn on the cob, yogurt, mashed potatoes, grilled cheese sandwiches, scrambled eggs, hard boiled eggs, and chicken nuggets. I'm sure there are things I'm forgetting but those are the items I can remember right now.

Favorite things to do: jump and climb (she can get both feet off the ground when she jumps), swing, copy her big sis, play outside, play with her baby dolls, jump in puddles, dig in the sand and dirt, carry around worms and slugs, sing, and play on the keyboard. Layla is very much a girl on the go and does not sit still for very long. She will color and scribble but that doesn't hold her attention as long as digging in the dirt does.

Her talking is becoming a lot more understandable (at least I think so). She is saying more words each day and has added to her vocabulary since I lasted posted about it in April. Some of the things she was saying in April such as chee for cheese have progressed to the correct pronunciation. So she is now saying cheese instead of just chee.

Words/Phrases she is saying:
Ishy - fish
Toe - this has two meanings, the first is the body part and the second is low
Pie - high
I na no - I don't know
Boo boo
Sa - Sanaa
Car - she's getting the c sound out a lot better
Choo choo - refers to all buses, large trucks, and trains
Air - hair
Ah to - me too
Tee - teeth
Ucky - yucky
Shoo shoo - either means shoe or is shooing a bug away
Row row - she wants you to sing 'Row, row, the boat'
Eieio - she wants you to sing 'Old McDonald'
She also makes a variety of animal sounds and will usually use the animal sound to identify the animal instead of actually calling the animal by name. These are some of the sounds she makes: woof, meeour (meow... don't know why she's added an r sound to the end), ba, neigh, quack, hiss, Oo-Oo Ee-Ee (monkey).

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