Saturday, June 30, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday Sanaa!!

Happy birthday Sanaa! It's hard to believe that you're turning 4 today. I'm sure I'll say that every year when your birthday rolls around. I still remember your birth and our hospital stay as if it was just yesterday. It was a very long day as we waited for you to be born, but the wait was well worth it! 

You can be very goofy at times and then very stubborn. You love to draw and color and play outside. You really enjoyed attending preschool this year and learned a lot. You are doing quite well at recognizing letters and numbers. Some days, when you're in a good mood, you even like to practice writing your letters. 

We have discovered that you are very similar to daddy in your personality which surprised both daddy and I. You really don't like attempting new things that you're not sure you can do. For example, you really wanted a bike for your birthday but now you don't want to ride it because you don't think you can. You also enjoy doing puzzles but get frustrated very easily if you can't get the pieces in the first time. 

We did sign you up for gymnastics a couple of weeks ago and you have been thriving in the class! It has been awesome watching you attempt the various activities your teacher asks you to do. I got to watch you do the bear crawl across the parallel bars all by yourself. You didn't even hesitate! 

You are such a joy to our family and I'm so thankful I get to be your mom.

You are a wonderful big sister to Layla and Malakai.

For your birthday this morning we put you to work by having you vacuum. You did ask to vacuum and of course we're not going to turn down any help. Overall, you are a wonderful helper and when I clean you want to be a part of it.

You also helped make the cinnamon rolls this morning. You enjoy putting the cinnamon-sugar mix on the inside and then help roll it up. Layla also got in on the action.

We love you a lot! Happy Birthday!

(Stay tuned for an interview with Sanaa. I plan to ask her the same questions I asked when she turned 3 plus some new ones. It should be interesting!)

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