Friday, June 1, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday Layla!

Happy Birthday Layla! You wear me out every day and I have no idea where you get your boundless amount of energy, but I'm so happy God put you in our family. You are definitely a daddy's girl and if daddy is around you will almost always choose him over me. That's okay. I'm with you every day and I don't mind one bit that you prefer daddy. 

You seem to have no fear and will attempt to climb nearly anything. That makes me very nervous, especially when we're at the park. I currently won't take you to any play places where you can climb up (such as McDonald's) because I know you won't come down and there's no way I am coming up after you (especially since I'm 19 days away from giving birth). You chase and tackle your big sis and I'm not sure whether to be more worried about you injuring Sanaa or you getting injured.

You love your big sis and call her, "Sa." While there are times that you do get mad at Sa, you're always very excited to see her in the morning and ask for her if she's not in the same room as you.

You are a very independent 2 year old. You insist on attempting to put your clothes on or take your clothes off. You have to open your own straws and granola bars. You have to brush your own teeth and want to use the big potty. If I offer to help you do something I'll most likely hear the response, "No! Me!"

You give hugs and kisses freely and love your baby dolls. You are also very interested in the baby in mommy's tummy. Hopefully you'll be very excited to meet your baby brother in a couple weeks.

You love to play outside in the dirt and sand.... in your skirts and dresses. It makes me chuckle to see you wearing a dress with boots. You LOVE worms and slugs and will carry them around as if they are your newest pet. I also find it humorous that I have to tell you to leave the worms and slugs outside and that they are not allowed inside. I'm sure some day you'll sneak some worms or slugs inside.

You are an early riser. Every day around 6am you are awake. It doesn't matter what time we put you to bed because you'll still wake up by 6am ready to begin the day.

You always give a big cheesy smile when I pull out the camera.

We love you very much! Happy Birthday Layla!

Here are a couple of videos of Layla for you all to enjoy. In the first video she is counting and doing her version of hide-n-seek. She's learned many games from her big sis and this is one game they both enjoy playing.... although both are still learning how it's really played.

This second video is Layla's newest accomplishment that she showed us this morning.

After I stopped taping, Layla opened the door again and went outside. She then looked at Nate and I as if to dare us to come get her. It's a good thing she can't get out of the back yard and it's a good thing that she can't open the front door yet.

Next week is Layla's 2 year check up and I'll do another post on what she is saying and other milestones I think of.

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