Monday, June 11, 2012

The fish and rainbow cakes

These are the two cakes I made for the girls. I used one box of cake mix and baked two 8 inch circle cakes. For Layla's cake all I did was print off a fish template from the internet and laid that on top of one of the circle cakes and cut around it. I asked Sanaa what color we should make the fish and she said blue. I would have asked Layla, except the only color she can currently say is blue, so I guess it's good Sanaa picked a blue fish for her. After I iced the cake I let Sanaa help me decorate the cake with M&M's. We used rainbow colors so that the fish would tie in with Sanaa's cake. Layla was very excited about the M&M's and kept asking to eat more.

Sanaa asked for a rainbow cake this year. There are many ideas on the internet as to how to make a rainbow cake, but I wanted something small since I didn't want a lot left over. Sanaa's cake was definitely more time consuming than Layla's but Sanaa was very excited when she saw the finished outcome so it made the time I put into her cake very worth it. 

I used the second 8 inch round cake I baked, cut it in half and "glued" the two halves together with icing. Then I covered the cake with a crumb coat. Once the crumb coat was dry I attempted to lightly mark fairly even rows for the different rainbow colors. Then I began filling in the different colors. That took awhile since I was coloring both sides and had to mix the different colors. 

For the finishing touches I dumped marshmallows on either side for clouds and wrote her name on top. I've seen better clouds, but I was too tired and Sanaa has been asking to eat marshmallows a lot lately so I figured marshmallows would make good clouds.

Both girls loved their cakes! I always enjoy seeing their reactions when I make their birthday cakes. I also enjoy being able to make their cakes. I know these are no where near professional, but my girls love them and I'm hoping that in the future Sanaa (and even Layla) can help me make the cakes for each other. 

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