Tuesday, June 12, 2012

38 weeks

This afternoon I had my final prenatal doctor's visit and since we don't plan to have any more children it was the final prenatal visit ever. I thought about calling ahead since the last two times I've arrived at my appointment I've had to reschedule but I got busy and then it was time to leave. The girls and I walked in to the appointment and the receptionist said, "Hi Rosa. Dr. Emmons is actually here today!"

We waited briefly in the waiting room and then the nurse came to get us. When the doctor came in the exam room she said hi and then said, "Guess what? I don't have any c-sections today!" She also apologized for having to cancel on me the last two times but no one can plan when they'll go into labor. Unless you're me apparently because it doesn't appear I'll be going into labor early. 

The visit went well and was routine. My blood pressure was good (Sanaa helped the nurse check my blood pressure) and Malakai's heart beat was in the 130's. He did wiggle and kick at the doctor again as she tried to listen to his heart beat. He's done that at every check up. I guess he really doesn't like to be poked at. 

The next time I see my doctor it'll be in the operating room as we get ready to meet our 3rd kiddo. This pregnancy has seemed to last forever but now that I have no more doctor's visits left it feels a little unreal knowing that in 8 days we'll become a family of 5. 

I think Sanaa is ready for this pregnancy to be over as well because the past few times we've gone to see the doctor she has asked, "Is the doctor going take the baby out today?"

The pictures below Nate took on Sunday when I began week 38. The second picture is blurry but I like how both girls are smiling.

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