Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Strong willed and independent

Over these past few months both girls have become much more independent. Most of the time it's been fun and exciting to watch. However, when you add Layla's strong-willed personality in with her growing independence that leads to one worn out, exhausted, and frustrated mom at the end of the day. I think that Layla sees everything Sanaa can do and truly believes that she should be able to do it as well. This includes dressing, undressing, opening up doors, climbing, going potty, etc. A couple of nights ago Layla sat on her little potty before bath time and peed! I was so excited. I haven't gotten her to repeat that but she is interested in the potty and asks to go.

Tonight, for the first time, Layla figured out how to unlock our back door and headed into our back yard to play. This was after bath time and yes, I caught her walking through mud in her socks. The first time she went out I thought it was a fluke and that Sanaa had left the door unlocked. But the second time she did it I knew it wasn't a fluke.

This morning, Nate discovered something rather funny when he got Layla up. He removed her sleep sack (or sleeper blanket, whatever you want to call it) to discover that Layla had somehow removed her socks and pajama pants. How she managed to do that while zipped up in her sleep sack we'll never know. At least she hasn't figured out how to unzip the sleep sack since we turned it inside out. 

Sanaa is very much into dressing herself. Most days I can convince to wear outfits that match a tad better but there was one day I didn't even bother to fight the battle.

I was able to get Layla's hair up in a pony tail. Most days doing her hair is a battle so I was excited she stood still long enough for me to put a pony tail in.

The past couple of Saturdays the girls and I got to spend at my parents house. One Saturday was with my mom while my dad was at a conference and the other Saturday was with my dad while my mom was out of town.

Sanaa and Layla got to help my mom plant flowers. Although they had more fun playing in water and digging in dirt than actually planting anything.

The girls discovered a big bush on my parents property that they can play under. It became their "house." This brought back a ton of memories for me. When I lived in New York as a little girl we had a big bush near our house and I remember spending hours inside that bush playing.

In this picture Sanaa is showing me a "taco" she made for the bugs in her "house." She placed dirt on a leaf and rolled the leaf up.

Layla got to ride on grandpa's mower. She loved it! Sanaa was a little scared and didn't want a ride.

The past few days the girls have been asking me to find them worms. Both of them will walk around our yard carrying their worms and taking care of them. Below, Layla showed me her pet worm.

We actually had a couple of warm days around here last week! The girls loved playing in the water. This week it is currently back in the 50's, but next week should be warmer again (I hope). I know the girls are ready for warmer weather. Sanaa keeps asking when we can get her pool out.

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