Thursday, May 10, 2012

Spring program video

Here is the video from Sanaa's spring program. The first video is 8-9 minutes long. I taped it with our camera and zoomed in so you could see Sanaa. It is definitely shaky so if you get motion sickness easy you've been warned! :-) Also, towards the end of the video, the person sitting in front of me kept getting their head in my way! Sanaa did much better at this program and it was fun to see her actually singing.
(Yes it does end abruptly because my memory card was suddenly full.)

These final two videos are ones that Nate took with his phone. They are the final songs of Sanaa's program. It's hard to see Sanaa, but she is in the second row on the right side of the screen roughly 4-5 kids in. Good luck finding her!
(If you find the girl in the back row with the big white bow on her head then you should hopefully be able to spot Sanaa in front of her every once and awhile. The girl in front of Sanaa often block her from our view.)

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