Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Quick pregnancy update

Last Friday (May 11th) I had a doctor visit. I thought I had updated about that but when I checked the blog I realized I hadn't done anything since Sanaa's spring program.

The doctor's visit went well. The little guy is doing well and continues to kick at the doctor whenever she attempts to listen to his heart beat. We also talked about the date to schedule my c-section. The date the doctor and I settled on was June 19th. I was hoping for the 15th mainly because Layla's birthday is on the 1st and Sanaa's is on the 30th, so I thought it would be cool for our third to be born on the 15th. But the 15th was two days before my 39 week mark and the hospital has strict rules about not performing c-sections before the 39 week mark unless they are an emergency.

So, since my doctor is off on Mondays, we went with Tuesday the 19th. However, this morning I received a call that my c-section has now been moved to Wednesday the 20th because the 19th was booked up. Really? Wow! My actual due date is the 24th, so with the c-section only being 4 days before it I kind of wonder if I'll go into labor this time. With Sanaa I dealt with false labor for about 2 days before being induced and then ended with a c-section. With Layla I didn't have any labor signs (didn't even feel braxton hicks!) before heading in for my c-section. But we will see what happens this time since I've been experiencing braxton hicks for almost two weeks. This pregnancy has been different in nearly every way that if I do go into labor before the 20th I won't be surprised at all.

My next appointment is Friday the 25th.

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