Friday, May 25, 2012

Prepping for baby

On Monday, since Nate had off, I painted Malakai's room. I got a majority of the painting done while Layla napped, but both girls had to help. And who can blame them. It's not everyday that mom lets you paint on the wall! The old color was some kind of yellow/tan and not that pretty. It was a weird color that didn't match well with much. So I changed it to the same color as the girls room and the color that I used at our house in Texas. It's called Oregon Coast! It's a nice neutral color, but the name is awesome!

Sanaa does a great job of helping me paint. She's very careful and I'm pretty sure she'll be my painting buddy in the future.

(And yes, painting in a butterfly costume is a must! It just makes it so much more fun.)

This was the first time Layla was ever allowed to paint a wall! She loved it. I let both girls come help me with the last small section in the room that way they were there when the room was finished.

Here is a before and after shot of the room's paint color.

The room is definitely not ready for a baby, but I figure I still have a few months before Malakai will actually use the room. It's funny how I've changed with each child. With Sanaa I had to have everything finished and perfect before she arrived. I didn't do anything for Layla except buy a second crib since she was going to share Sanaa's room, but at least her crib was put together before she was born. And now for Malakai I don't even have the crib completely put together or his room finished! The girls still really enjoy using his room to play in and I figure I won't stop them until Malakai is actually here and they can see and touch him. Right now I think he is still too much of an abstract idea even though we talk about him a lot.

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