Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Our Memorial Day weekend

We had a good weekend. Nate had 3 days off in a row (which is unheard of, especially over a holiday weekend!). So we made the most of his time off. On Saturday the girls and I took Nate to the farmers market here in town. It was a lot of fun. Sanaa kept asking to eat and was not afraid to try some of the different foods that were there. Nate and I were very surprised since Sanaa is the one who doesn't like to try anything new.

Sunday started off normal and we headed to church. Nate and I dropped the girls off at their Sunday school classes and we headed to ours. We walked into class and everyone there paused and shouted, "Surprise!" Both Nate and I were confused and I said, "Surprise for what?" They were throwing us a surprise baby shower! (We'll do another post on that later).

The rest of Sunday was spent at home playing. I tried to get the girls out of their dresses before playing outside but gave up. Dresses are washable. Besides Sanaa said, "Mom, I promise I won't get my dress dirty." Haha. I used a lot of stain remover on both dresses, but luckily both dresses are nice and clean and ready for them to play outside wear to church again.

Layla is holding a worm and saying, "Cheese" for the camera.

Sanaa showing off on how well she can balance on a rock.

Monday was Memorial Day and Nate's birthday. We took the girls to the zoo that morning. Sanaa was our guide and looked at the map most of the time. She kept us moving and didn't really allow us much time to look at the animals. We'd get to an animal and after about a minute she'd say, "Time to see more animals." 

Despite Sanaa rushing us through the zoo, it was probably the best trip we've had. Many of the animals were active. We got to see a polar bear playing with its toy. It was right up at the glass and polar bears are huge! I could not believe how big its paws were. We arrived at the lion area just as the zoo keeper finished placing raw meat on the various rocks. She left the lion's area and opened another door to let the lions out, so we got to see the lions eat their breakfast. 

We also got to see the hippos awake and eating. We've never seen the hippos awake.

Monday evening my parents came over for dinner and to celebrate Nate's birthday. The girls are always excited to see grandpa and grandma, but were even more excited since it was daddy's birthday!

Layla really enjoyed daddy's cake.

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