Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mother's Day weekend

For Mother's Day weekend we drove over to my parents house for dinner Sunday evening. Not only did we celebrate Mother's Day, but we also celebrated my dad's birthday (which was a couple days before Mother's Day). My brother and his wife and daughter were also there. Both Sanaa and Layla were very excited to see their cousin. 

The big gift for my dad this year was an ice cream churn. On Saturday night I cooked up the ice cream mix (yes, I had to cook it since it had raw eggs in it). Nate told me he had never churned ice cream and sat there and churned the ice cream for 40 minutes. I didn't think he'd last 40 minutes, but he had to prove me wrong!

Sanaa was fascinated with the process and she even had a short turn churning the ice cream. She looks like our little movie star with her sunglasses, dress, and flower headband!

Layla didn't care about churning. She just wanted the ice. The fact that the ice had salt on it did not stop her from chewing on the ice.

As the ice cream becomes firmer, the bucket begins moving more. So my brother sat on it to keep it still. My dad reminisced how as a boy it was quite often his job to sit on the ice cream churn while the others churned the ice cream.

The other memory my dad shared was how his mom and sisters would always clean the beater completely never leaving any ice cream on it and he always wished he could just lick the beater clean. Well... he finally got his chance to lick off the ice cream and he taught two of his granddaughters to do the same.

The ice cream was really good! I don't normally enjoy vanilla ice cream, but this was good and I actually enjoyed the plain vanilla quite a bit! I think the ice cream churn is going to get pulled out a lot this summer.

Like I said earlier, Sanaa and Layla were excited to see their cousin. Layla got right down on the floor with Ariana and the two chatted about something. Sanaa was busy fanning them to make sure they stayed cool.

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