Saturday, May 19, 2012

Morning routine

Layla often finds me in the morning and hangs out while I get ready so she has become very familiar with my morning routine. For the past few days Nate was out of town due to work. I'm not sure why we were blessed (I'm being very sarcastic!) with early risers but we were. I attempted to get up at 5:45am each day to beat the girls but it never failed that at least one of them was up by 6:00am. My attempts to get them back to sleep failed but at least I was able to get a quick shower in each morning before they woke up.

In the mornings what Layla will do is climb up on our toilet and then climb onto our counter where she sits and watches most of the time. On this particular mornings she found a makeup sponge that I don't use and sat there applying her makeup while I did mine. When I moved onto my hair, she needed to do her hair as well. Many mornings this can be annoying because I just want to get ready by myself but I know I'll look back at these pictures and wish I could return to these days, so I'll try and enjoy my lack of privacy for the time being!

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