Thursday, May 31, 2012

Last day of school

Today was Sanaa's last day of school and now she is on summer break. I've been preparing her for the past couples of weeks that school was about to end because she loves going to school. During the winter when school was canceled due to weather she was very upset. So I really didn't want the summer break to surprise her. 

She had a fun last day and I was able to tag along for the whole morning. Sanaa was very excited that I was staying with her at school.

Heading out the door for the final day.

The first activity of the morning was watching a juggler. He was really good with the kids and it was a fun show.

After the juggling show the kids went to the gym where there was a small bounce house set up and these cool rocket stompers. All the rocket stompers were braced with pvc pipe to keep them from falling over. Each time I've asked Sanaa what her favorite part of the day was, she's mentioned the rocket stomper.

After gym time, we went to another room where 10 different stations were set up for the kids to meander around. I had offered to help so I was in charge of the fishing station. I thought some of the other stations were a little more fun, but the kids really flocked to the fishing station and the fishing poles were in near constant use.

There was a face painting station and Sanaa choose to have a heart and butterfly painted on her face.

I thought the croquet station was cool and Sanaa did a really good job. It made me think we might have to set up a homemade one this summer for the girls to enjoy in our yard.

The ring toss was a little hard for Sanaa and she didn't hang out at this one for very long.

The final stop was back in the classroom where the kids had a snack. One of the snack items was chocolate pudding with crushed oreos and gummy worms. Sanaa wouldn't touch it and when we got home I discovered that she thought the pudding was really covered with dirt. I had brought her untouched pudding home, so once I explained that the "dirt" was really a cookie she finally took a bite.

And finally, a picture of Sanaa with her wonderful teacher Ms. Napier. I hope that in another year Layla will be lucky enough to have Ms. Napier as well.

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