Sunday, May 6, 2012

Flute choir, part 1

We had a very busy weekend. We attended my niece's infant baptism, I played at a flute concert, and we had a potluck with our small group. All of us are exhausted. 

Many of you know I've played the flute for many years and in Texas I played with a small flute ensemble for 8 years. Once we moved to Oregon I found the Rose City Flute Choir and started playing with them this past October. Yesterday we had our spring concert. Nate was able to take some snippets of the various songs we played with his phone. We forgot the camera, which amazingly was the only thing we forgot all weekend. 

Our concert was nearly 2 hours long with a 15 minute intermission. Below is the some of the first half. I'll try and post the second half tomorrow. Above each video I labeled what song it was. 
(**Remember that Nate used his phone to record this while watching our two girls. So every once in awhile you'll hear or see our girls. There's one song where Nate captures Sanaa doing an interpretive dance!)

Russian Sailor's Dance by Reinhold Gliere and arranged by Phyllis Louke (our director)

Nereus' Realm in Moonlight from Seafarer's Suite by Nancy W. Wood

Snow On Ben Nevis from Falconer by Catherine McMichael
(This one was a lot of fun to play!)

Aire of the Falconer from Falconer by Catherine McMichael

Stalcaire Reel from Falconer by Catherine McMichael

Marica from Serenade by Dag Wiren and arranged by Bjorn Axelsson

A New Beginning by Phyllis Louke (our director)
(Interpretive dance by our daughter Sanaa)


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Sounds like a very nice program. Rose, you are in a very good choir....wonderful! Nancy Woods was in Brookhaven and has written several good scores for flute choir. Keep up the good work...blessings, Gloria