Friday, May 25, 2012

Almost 36 weeks

I had another doctor's appointment this morning to check on baby #3. All is going well. I'm currently 35 weeks and 5 days and now get to see the doctor weekly. This has been a long pregnancy but suddenly it feels like it flew by! I guess I need to get my act together and finish any projects that need completing before he arrives (like tagging clothes for another consignment sale that's coming up in early June and buying birthday gifts for the girls!).

At this appointment Malakai's heart beat was at 160. That shocked me since that's the fastest heart beat any of our kiddos have had and for the past few months he's been in the 130's-140's. But the doctor wasn't concerned and said he sounded good. He was also moving a lot and the doctor joked that it appeared he was attempting to do flips or something. He has definitely been the most active baby so far.

It also appears that he has dropped and is sitting much lower. The doctor asked if he felt lower and at first I wasn't sure but then I thought about the number of times I need to visit the restroom and the fact that some of my shirts don't seem to cover my belly as well as they once did. The doctor also thought he was lower than the last visit. My belly is measuring in at 34 inches which is actually a little small since most of the time the measurement corresponds with your current week of pregnancy. The girls were always right on target so it's surprising that this time around I'm measuring smaller even though I feel and look bigger.

I still continue to have braxton hicks contractions. They haven't increased or decreased but have stayed about the same over the past couple of weeks. All of this is making me wonder if Malakai will wait until June 20 and the scheduled c-section or make his debut early. I guess we'll see.

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