Monday, April 16, 2012

A little of this and a little of that

We had a fairly normal week last week despite the way it began. It started with a call to the pediatrician because Layla had some weird symptoms. She would throw up once each morning and then be fine. It started the Friday before Easter and we thought she was fine on Easter, but late that afternoon she threw up again. So I called Monday morning and was told to just keep an eye on her. Monday morning Sanaa also threw up once, so I figured the girls had some weird virus. By Tuesday both girls were fine and Sanaa went to school.

Wednesday the girls were still acting normal so that morning we headed to BSF. A half hour into BSF I got pulled out because Layla wasn't acting like herself. She was clingy, refusing snacks, and kept asking for me. So I pulled both girls out and we headed home. Once we arrived home, Layla was fine. She was back to her normal bouncy, strong-willed, happy self. 

It wasn't until this weekend that I finally saw one of her canine teeth trying to come through. So I can only guess that the weird start to the week was due to some painful teething. 

Here are some random pictures from the week.

After bath one evening the girls had a tea party before heading to bed.

Sanaa is really into wearing dresses lately. Layla likes to copy her big sis but I can usually convince Layla to wear pants during the week since she does so much climbing, running, and playing in the dirt. Today we had no where to go (it's laundry day) but the girls still wanted to wear some of their nicer clothes.

Taking off socks and shoes in the car are no longer enough for Layla. She now attempts to remove her shirt and works really hard at getting her arms free from the carseat straps.

Layla is also not content to sit in the shopping cart seat but prefers to sit in the basket. Normally she will sit in the basket and leave the food alone, but in this case she decided the ice cream made a good seat.

On Saturday the girls were invited to a birthday party by a family at our new church. It was held at a gymnastics place. At first we didn't see it going so well with our girls because Sanaa did not want to participate in the group activity and Layla was too young to follow the directions of the group activity. But then they moved on to some other activities. Layla obviously had to do everything the older kids did and threw a nice tantrum when Nate or I held her back.

One thing the girls enjoyed at the party was the foam pit. Sanaa had a great time swinging on the rope.

Layla did not do the rope but she did have a blast being dropped into the foam pit by Nate. She would then make her way out so that Nate could drop her again. 

The other activity the girls enjoyed was the air bounce thingy (I don't know what you call it). They could spend most of the day bouncing and running around on these things.

We also enjoyed some cake and ice cream after the activities and came home worn out. I'm quite glad Nate was able to come to the birthday party because it would have been really hard to take care of Layla while watching Sanaa.

The other outing we enjoyed last week was going to the zoo with aunt Karen and cousin Ariana. Karen's sister Ellen and her two kids also came with us. It was Ariana's first zoo trip and all the kids had a blast. Sanaa has been asking to go back almost each day.

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