Friday, April 27, 2012

31 weeks (and a pregnancy comparison)

This morning I had another baby check up. I am almost 32 weeks along (31 weeks and 5 days if you want an exact count). The check up went well. My blood pressure is good, Malakai's heart beat was in the 130's, and there were no concerns. Now I start seeing the doctor every 2 weeks, so the next appointment will be May 11. At that appointment we'll schedule a date for the c-section.

The c-section date can't come fast enough for me and in the pictures below you'll probably be able to see why. I've posted a variety of pictures from this pregnancy and my last two pregnancies. I'm huge this time around! No wonder my back is killing me and I'm so tired. I'm about as big now (at 31 weeks) as I was around 34 and 35 weeks with the girls. Are people just generally bigger when they carry boys? Am I bigger because this is my 3rd pregnancy? (I've labeled the top of each picture with the week and which child so you can compare.)

31 weeks with current pregnancy

31 weeks with Sanaa

31 weeks with Layla

Now here are some pictures of me currently and some when I was pregnant with the girls at 34 and 35 weeks.

31 weeks with current pregnancy

34 weeks with Sanaa

35 weeks with Layla

How in the world am I going to last another 8 weeks? And how much bigger am I going to get? It's no wonder the clothes that fit just fine when I was pregnant with the girls have been feeling snug this time around.

On a funnier note, I dreamt night that Malakai was born. The dream had a lot of detail. He was born at home (Nate assisted with the delivery) at 1:40am. I was so out of it that I apparently fell back asleep immediately after he was born and woke up around 6am to find Nate putting an orange onesie on Malakai while taking care of Sanaa and Layla. Haha! Malakai also had dark brown hair. I'm not sure why we never went to the hospital and I remember thinking that we should probably call our parents to let them know that Malakai had been born. Very weird, but all made perfect sense while I was dreaming!

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