Sunday, April 1, 2012

22 months old

Layla is 22 months old today. It's hard to believe that in 2 months we'll be celebrating her 2nd birthday! She is growing up so fast and becoming much more independent at an earlier age than Sanaa. She has to do everything that her big sister does and does not like me to step in and help unless she asks for help. She is also interested in the potty and I would love it if she was potty trained before Malakai was born but I won't push her on that. Besides, Sanaa might just potty train Layla for me!

Riding Sanaa's tricycle.

Daddy forgot to unpack his lunch one day after he got home, so the next day Layla pulled it out of his bag for him while he was busy running errands. She even tasted his leftover spaghetti.

"Talking" with Sanaa. Layla understands most of what we say and does her best to talk back.

Giving a cheesy smile. She likes to show off for the camera.

Ready for rain or sun. You really need to be ready for both around here.

Currently Layla loves to play with her dolls (babies) and fix things. There have a been a few times I've caught her using the toy drill on the doll and I'm not exactly sure what was wrong with the doll.

Finally, here is a list of things Layla is currently saying:
Hep (help)
Yaya - she uses this to refer to her cousin Ariana and our cat Aria
Babee (baby)
Crackuh (cracker)
Ee (eat)
Pup (for cup)
Uh dun (all done)
Ishy (fishy)
Air (chair)
Ar (car)
Ahpeen (airplane)
Pehpeh (grandpa)
Boo (every color right now is blue)
Appuh (apple)
Chee (cheese)

And last but not least our favorite (we don't plan to correct her on this one because we like it so much):
Dop (thank you)

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