Friday, April 27, 2012

31 weeks (and a pregnancy comparison)

This morning I had another baby check up. I am almost 32 weeks along (31 weeks and 5 days if you want an exact count). The check up went well. My blood pressure is good, Malakai's heart beat was in the 130's, and there were no concerns. Now I start seeing the doctor every 2 weeks, so the next appointment will be May 11. At that appointment we'll schedule a date for the c-section.

The c-section date can't come fast enough for me and in the pictures below you'll probably be able to see why. I've posted a variety of pictures from this pregnancy and my last two pregnancies. I'm huge this time around! No wonder my back is killing me and I'm so tired. I'm about as big now (at 31 weeks) as I was around 34 and 35 weeks with the girls. Are people just generally bigger when they carry boys? Am I bigger because this is my 3rd pregnancy? (I've labeled the top of each picture with the week and which child so you can compare.)

31 weeks with current pregnancy

31 weeks with Sanaa

31 weeks with Layla

Now here are some pictures of me currently and some when I was pregnant with the girls at 34 and 35 weeks.

31 weeks with current pregnancy

34 weeks with Sanaa

35 weeks with Layla

How in the world am I going to last another 8 weeks? And how much bigger am I going to get? It's no wonder the clothes that fit just fine when I was pregnant with the girls have been feeling snug this time around.

On a funnier note, I dreamt night that Malakai was born. The dream had a lot of detail. He was born at home (Nate assisted with the delivery) at 1:40am. I was so out of it that I apparently fell back asleep immediately after he was born and woke up around 6am to find Nate putting an orange onesie on Malakai while taking care of Sanaa and Layla. Haha! Malakai also had dark brown hair. I'm not sure why we never went to the hospital and I remember thinking that we should probably call our parents to let them know that Malakai had been born. Very weird, but all made perfect sense while I was dreaming!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Mud pies

We have an excess of mud around here since it rains so much. One day Sanaa began making mud pies and mud pizza. I didn't even suggest the idea to her so I think it was great that she came up with the idea herself. Layla of course joined in. I got to sit at our deck table while Sanaa and Layla did the cooking and served me their unique creations.

Sanaa very carefully placed a flower on her mud pizza.

Both girls helped clean the deck off which was wonderful.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sweet sisters

When I took this picture this morning my intent was document how girly Sanaa and Layla have become over the past few weeks. Every day these two want to wear a dress of some sort and it takes a lot of convincing on my part to get them to wear their more casual dresses instead of the nice fancy ones.

However, I ended up capturing a sweet moment between sisters. It's the moments like these that make me wish I had a sister. Sanaa and Layla can (and sometimes do) spend most of the day fighting, but I also know they love each other a lot and I really hope that they stay the best of friends as they grow older.

Monday, April 16, 2012

A little of this and a little of that

We had a fairly normal week last week despite the way it began. It started with a call to the pediatrician because Layla had some weird symptoms. She would throw up once each morning and then be fine. It started the Friday before Easter and we thought she was fine on Easter, but late that afternoon she threw up again. So I called Monday morning and was told to just keep an eye on her. Monday morning Sanaa also threw up once, so I figured the girls had some weird virus. By Tuesday both girls were fine and Sanaa went to school.

Wednesday the girls were still acting normal so that morning we headed to BSF. A half hour into BSF I got pulled out because Layla wasn't acting like herself. She was clingy, refusing snacks, and kept asking for me. So I pulled both girls out and we headed home. Once we arrived home, Layla was fine. She was back to her normal bouncy, strong-willed, happy self. 

It wasn't until this weekend that I finally saw one of her canine teeth trying to come through. So I can only guess that the weird start to the week was due to some painful teething. 

Here are some random pictures from the week.

After bath one evening the girls had a tea party before heading to bed.

Sanaa is really into wearing dresses lately. Layla likes to copy her big sis but I can usually convince Layla to wear pants during the week since she does so much climbing, running, and playing in the dirt. Today we had no where to go (it's laundry day) but the girls still wanted to wear some of their nicer clothes.

Taking off socks and shoes in the car are no longer enough for Layla. She now attempts to remove her shirt and works really hard at getting her arms free from the carseat straps.

Layla is also not content to sit in the shopping cart seat but prefers to sit in the basket. Normally she will sit in the basket and leave the food alone, but in this case she decided the ice cream made a good seat.

On Saturday the girls were invited to a birthday party by a family at our new church. It was held at a gymnastics place. At first we didn't see it going so well with our girls because Sanaa did not want to participate in the group activity and Layla was too young to follow the directions of the group activity. But then they moved on to some other activities. Layla obviously had to do everything the older kids did and threw a nice tantrum when Nate or I held her back.

One thing the girls enjoyed at the party was the foam pit. Sanaa had a great time swinging on the rope.

Layla did not do the rope but she did have a blast being dropped into the foam pit by Nate. She would then make her way out so that Nate could drop her again. 

The other activity the girls enjoyed was the air bounce thingy (I don't know what you call it). They could spend most of the day bouncing and running around on these things.

We also enjoyed some cake and ice cream after the activities and came home worn out. I'm quite glad Nate was able to come to the birthday party because it would have been really hard to take care of Layla while watching Sanaa.

The other outing we enjoyed last week was going to the zoo with aunt Karen and cousin Ariana. Karen's sister Ellen and her two kids also came with us. It was Ariana's first zoo trip and all the kids had a blast. Sanaa has been asking to go back almost each day.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! We had a beautiful day here in the NW. The sun was out and it was warm! I'm quite ready for some warmer weather. We enjoyed our day by attending my parents church and then spent the rest of the day at my parents home. 

Over the past few weeks I've been able to talk with Sanaa about the meaning of Easter and hearing her comments is always interesting. A few days ago she told me that Jesus went up to Heaven but she wants him to come back now. Today she told us briefly about what she learned at church which consisted of Jesus having a thorny thing on his head but he was alive. When I asked where Jesus was now she answered, "at Samaritan." So she's getting a few details with the different Bible stories mixed up, but at least we're learning! 

Sanaa was very excited to wear her Easter dress!

Layla wouldn't stand still for her picture and was actually following me trying to get the camera.

Daddy and his girls.

Mommy and her girls.

With my parents, brother, sister-in-law, and niece.

My parents with the grandkids. I love how Sanaa is showing off her dress and Layla is holding Ariana's shoulder.

We did not get a good family picture this year. This first one was the best of two taken before Sanaa walked off.

The girls love their baby cousin. Sanaa tried to play some peek-a-boo with Ariana and Layla just wanted to touch Ariana.

Playing with uncle Ryan.

Listening to the frogs with grandpa.

Looking for fish and frogs with grandpa. Layla climbed up all by herself. I had no idea she could get all the way up the rocks. Guess now we need to keep a much closer eye on her.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Eggstravaganza

This morning Nate and I took the girls to our new church for their Easter egg hunt and activities. We had a choice to either attend the one at Sanaa's school or the one at church. We decided last night to attend the one at the church since we knew a few more people there and it would probably be slightly less crowded than a school function. The girls had a blast! Layla was a handful and I'm quite glad Nate was there to chase her. She wanted to do everything the big kids did and threw a couple of tantrums when Nate had to remove her from an activity. 

The activities began with Reptile Man. Layla didn't sit very long for this, but Sanaa thought it was pretty cool. We arrived for the last 20-25 minutes of the Reptile Man's show and that was long enough for our girls. (Just so you know, all the pictures were taken with my phone so some are more blurry than others).

Ugh. Snakes. Not my favorite.

A baby alligator. Now I think these are cute.

If I have any say in my children's actions when they are older (which I know I won't!), I will not let them volunteer to hold a snake. The 8 kids below all held this final snake together and one lucky kid even got to wear the snake around his shoulders. Just creeps me out...

After the Reptile Man, we had an hour to walk around with the girls and go to a small petting zoo where they had baby chicks and a bunny. Sanaa got to hold a baby chick.

Layla loved the baby chicks and desperately wanted to hold one, but she's too little. So she took it upon herself to walk around and pet any baby chick she could. It didn't matter who was holding it.

Layla also enjoyed petting the bunny (which Sanaa wouldn't go near for some reason). But I think the baby chicks were definitely Layla's favorite.

I didn't get any pictures of the rest of the morning but the girls also enjoyed playing in a bounce house and gathering the Easter eggs. Layla threw a fit each time her turn was over in the bounce house. The church had 2 bounce house areas set up. One was an area to jump and the other was an obstacle course. Sanaa really enjoyed the obstacle course and did that one 3 times.

At the end of the activities they had a short Easter egg hunt. It wasn't really a hunt since it was in the sanctuary and all the pews were lined with the eggs. But the kids still had a blast putting eggs in their baskets. Our girls didn't get a whole ton of eggs since there were so many kids, but luckily the staff had planned ahead and walked around giving out extra candy to the kids who were to shy or not as fast and didn't end up with as much candy. I honestly don't mind that our girls didn't get much. It just means the candy is gone sooner and I'm not dealing with them on a sugar rush for weeks!

I'm glad we choose to attend the Easter activities at church. I really need to write up a post on how we found our new church because it took us quite awhile. But all the people are very friendly and we've been able to get involved rather quickly. Plus, our girls love to go and are excited when they hear we're going to church.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Egg Dyeing

This morning I let the girls dye some eggs. It was a first time experience for both of them and they really enjoyed it. Sanaa wanted to do more, so maybe we'll do it again this weekend. Both girls attacked egg dyeing differently. Layla jumped right in and wasn't afraid to get a little messy. She thoroughly enjoyed taking the eggs and putting them in multiple colors. 

Sanaa was more careful and only wanted her eggs in one color. It took a lot of convincing to get her to at least try one egg in multiple colors. 

The results. Layla's eggs are on the left and Sanaa's are on the right. Layla only ended up with 5 eggs because one of her eggs apparently had a small crack in it which she then squeezed with all her might and broke the egg.