Saturday, March 24, 2012


Earlier this afternoon I received a call from my BSF group leader. One of the gals in our Bible study group just lost her young son. He was roughly the same age as Layla. Yesterday afternoon she found her son in their washing machine. He had fallen in and gotten tangled in the clothes. She couldn't get him out and had to run to a neighbor's house for help. He was on life support all night and they took him off this morning.

I don't know this gal very well but we are both pregnant and due around the same time. She's expecting her 2nd child right now and I cannot imagine what she and her husband are going through right now. It is a mother's worst nightmare. The story was in the paper and Nate happened to read it just as I sent him a text about it.

I think many people may question how this could happen and assume that the mom was being negligent, but the scary thing is that I can totally imagine something like that happening to Layla. I'm very thankful we don't have a top loader for a washing machine because I know Layla would want to see what was happening inside. There are many times during the day that Layla runs off somewhere and it gets quiet (never a good sign). So I can picture Layla pushing a chair (or whatever she found) up to a washing machine, lifting the lid, and peering inside. Toddlers are SO curious and the things that you don't expect to be dangerous are.

Hearing this news today was also difficult because I have been very annoyed with Layla. She has been doing nearly the opposite of everything I say. We got ready to go to the store this morning but Layla started kicking me and throwing a tantrum when I attempted to put her shoes on. When I got their sand box ready for them to play in after we got home, I instructed the girls to keep the sand in the box. Layla repeatedly threw the sand out of the box, threw sand on top of Sanaa, and tried to tackle Sanaa numerous times. When I gave the girls their lunch, Layla smeared her pb&j all over the table, crushed her crackers, and kept trying to put her feet on the table. I have never been so ready for nap time. I know this is fairly normal behavior for a toddler, but enough is enough. I just wanted a break.

Then I received the call and suddenly I was so thankful to have Layla even though she can drive me crazy. I'm so thankful the girls and I can enjoy this sunny day together. I know that this afternoon or tomorrow or the next day they'll do something that will make me mad but I really hope I can keep my perspective and remember that so many of the things the girls do are minor and I'm lucky to be enjoying this time with them. I know the mom from Bible study would love to be dealing with a toddler throwing sand and tantrums instead of mourning over losing him.

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