Sunday, February 19, 2012

Malakai's room

Yesterday I put together most of the crib that Sanaa used to sleep in. The girls "helped" by playing in the room and saying, "Uh-oh" whenever I dropped a screw. I ended up putting it together as a daybed for now because the girls were very excited about using it. I figure Malakai won't be using it for quite some time, so why not let the girls enjoy the room as a playroom until Malakai arrives. Besides it'll only take a couple of minutes to put the fourth side of the crib on and raise the mattress.

The car rug was a gift last year to our girls and I figured that would work well in Malakai's room. It's always nice to be able to use something you already have!
I still have a ways to go with the room. I want to move the curtains in the girls room (they are white with blue stripes) into Malakai's room, but that means finding some new curtains for the girls. I need something kind of heavy since a lot of light comes in through their window and will wake Sanaa up. I also would like to get a crib skirt for Malakai's crib. I've been tossing the idea around of making one and looked up several tutorials on the internet. It doesn't look hard (just a bunch of straight line sewing) but it's a matter of finding fabric and time to actually sew. So we'll see if I actually complete that project or cave in and buy something!

Malakai's room is also a yellowish color which I'm not fond of, so I'd like to repaint the room as well. But that is one project I refuse to tackle when it's just me and the girls. I think the girls would be a little too helpful and get paint all over. I know Sanaa could help since she helped paint Nate's study in our old house, but I'm not sure Layla would that helpful.

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