Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope you all had a good day! Sanaa had her Valentine's day party and I hadn't planned to attend but for the first time ever, Sanaa started crying at school when I dropped her off. Her teacher was kind enough to pick her up and distract her so I could leave but that was after I promised her I'd be back for her party. Attending a preschool party with a 20-month-old is not my idea of a good time. Thankfully Layla did good most of the time. It was the last 10 minutes that she was a handful.

Sanaa is sitting in the pink chair. She and her classmates got to decorate their own heart shaped cookies and eat them.

At the party Sanaa and her classmates also played a couple games. Watching 3-year-olds play games like bingo and a version of musical chairs in which no chairs are removed is pretty funny. Some of them understood the directions quite well while others looked completely lost. Sanaa did well. She even gave up her chair when one of the boys tried to pull her out of it. The teacher saw that and thanked Sanaa for sharing her chair.
A shot down the table. Sorry that it's blurry but Layla ran across the room to inspect something right as I snapped it.

Sanaa going through all her loot.

Flowers from daddy. The girls got some pink carnations from Nate. He started giving them flowers last year and is continuing the tradition.

Sanaa shared one of her lollipops with Layla and Layla thought that was awesome!

Two sweet sisters. As Sanaa held Layla she said, "I'm holding a baby just like Ariana!" (She was referring to her newest cousin)

The girls also pretended to go camping on our front window sill while I made dinner. Sanaa came into the kitchen twice and scolded me for making too much noise and waking them up!

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Anonymous said...

The Sisters-In-A-Bag shot is way WAY adorable!
Papa Gene