Sunday, February 26, 2012

Growing independence and a copy cat

My days around the house are tiring, long, but amusing. Sanaa is becoming more and more independent every day. This week she has shown a great deal of interest in dressing herself, although she gets frustrated easily. There has been a couple of days she has gotten most of her clothes on all by herself. Getting her shirt on is by far the hardest part. One evening after bath she even put on her pjs and brushed her hair all by herself. I cringed a lot as she brushed her hair because she insisted on brushing it upward instead of downwards creating a nice big knot. But at least she tried.

Sanaa has also started to insist on making her own food at times. She has managed to make her very own pb&j sandwich. She had a hard time getting the jam out of the jar but she did all the spreading, put the two pieces of bread together, and even cut her sandwich in half. 

The final thing Sanaa has insisted on doing lately is tying my shoes. She spent about 5 minutes tying one of my shoes and it took me about 5 minutes to get it undone. But at least she's practicing!

The finished product.

And then their is Layla.... little miss copy cat. She has to do everything her big sister does. If Sanaa is dancing, Layla will dance. If Sanaa is reading a book, Layla will look at a book. If I set lunch or dinner on the table and Sanaa refuses to eat any of it, Layla refuses to eat any of it. Ugh.

Layla has also witnessed her sister draw on herself and copied that as well. One day Layla decorated her leg with green marker and the next day she used a pen to decorate her tummy. Layla also used the pen to decorate our couch, which I still need to clean.

Layla was upset that I made her stand next to the tub to take her picture because she really wanted in the tub. She loves bath time!

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