Friday, January 6, 2012

Our 9th Anniversary

This past Wednesday was our 9th wedding anniversary. Wow! Nate had off so we started the day with a fun treat for all.... donuts. After breakfast we headed off to my doctor's appointment to check on baby #3. Then we picked up some lunch and went to visit uncle Ryan, aunt Karen, and Ariana. This was Layla's first time to meet her new cousin. We then headed to my parents house to give Layla a nap since we didn't think she'd make it all the way back to our house. Plus, Nate and I wanted a break. After Layla's nap we stopped in to see grandpa (my dad) at work before heading home. Even though our entire anniversary was spent running around, it was neat that we in the same town where we got married 9 years ago.

The girls really enjoyed their donuts, especially since there were sprinkles on top!

Layla really liked her new cousin. She would pat Ariana on the head and even tried to give her a hug. Layla is really into playing with her dolls and carries them around our house, so I think seeing a real baby that is roughly the size of her dolls was fascinating to her.

My check up went well. The baby's heart beat was nice and strong. I am 15 1/2 weeks along and still dealing with morning sickness. It's not as bad as it was in the beginning but I'm quite ready for it to be gone. The morning sickness started around 6 weeks, so nearly 10 weeks of feeling queasy is getting old. I've also started showing quite a bit sooner with this pregnancy than the last two. With Sanaa I looked like this when I was closer to 19 weeks. I apparently didn't start taking belly shots with Layla until 26 weeks, so I can't compare those pictures until later.  

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Mark and Cari said...

Oh my gosh! I can't believe how long Sanaa's hair looks in that one picture! Is it really that long? Missing you guys!!