Tuesday, January 31, 2012

More conversations with Sanaa

Setting: Driving Sanaa to school this morning.

Sanaa: "Mommy, are you going to drop me off at school?"
Rosa: "Yes. I am."
Sanaa: "But I don't want you to drop me off."
Rosa: "Why not?"
Sanaa: "Because it will hurt."
Rosa: "Huh?"
Sanaa: "It will hurt if you drop me off."
Rosa: "Umm... okay. Do you want me to walk you inside?"
Sanaa: "Yes."

The conversations we are currently having with Sanaa are quite entertaining and we need to start writing them down more often. I really don't want to forget some of these fun things she's been saying.

Yesterday morning Sanaa said the following to me:
Sanaa: "Oh my! It's so big! I can't believe it! It's SO big mom."

She was referring to my belly and I'm only 19 weeks pregnant. I then made the mistake of asking Nate if I really looked that big and he said "Yes, it's sticking out there." I wonder what Sanaa will say when I'm a month away from my due date because I'll definitely be big then!