Monday, January 9, 2012

Hair cuts and makeup

Last week, Sanaa and I got our hair cut. This was Sanaa's second time to get a trim. The first time she was  pretty scared and insisted on sitting on my lap for her trim. This time she sat in the "special" chair and wore a fish cape. So cool! Sanaa had 2 inches taken off and I had several inches chopped off. 

Yesterday, Nate let me take a nap and said he would hang out with Sanaa while Layla napped. Sanaa got to watch some tv and Nate took a little nap. Unfortunately, while Nate napped Sanaa decided to put on some "makeup" (red marker). She wanted to wear lipstick like mommy, but also added something to her forehead. Nate had her all cleaned up by the time I got up so I only saw these pictures which I thought was hilarious!

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