Tuesday, January 31, 2012

More conversations with Sanaa

Setting: Driving Sanaa to school this morning.

Sanaa: "Mommy, are you going to drop me off at school?"
Rosa: "Yes. I am."
Sanaa: "But I don't want you to drop me off."
Rosa: "Why not?"
Sanaa: "Because it will hurt."
Rosa: "Huh?"
Sanaa: "It will hurt if you drop me off."
Rosa: "Umm... okay. Do you want me to walk you inside?"
Sanaa: "Yes."

The conversations we are currently having with Sanaa are quite entertaining and we need to start writing them down more often. I really don't want to forget some of these fun things she's been saying.

Yesterday morning Sanaa said the following to me:
Sanaa: "Oh my! It's so big! I can't believe it! It's SO big mom."

She was referring to my belly and I'm only 19 weeks pregnant. I then made the mistake of asking Nate if I really looked that big and he said "Yes, it's sticking out there." I wonder what Sanaa will say when I'm a month away from my due date because I'll definitely be big then!

The Conversation last night

Setting: Nate is in the garage with Layla on his hip, unloading laundry from the dryer. Sanaa comes in the garage and looks around.

Sanaa: "Man, this floor is dirty. It needs to be cleaned!"
Nate: "Mmmmm?"
Sanaa: "The floor needs to be cleaned! It's so dirty!"
Nate: "You sound like Mommy."
Sanaa: "I do?" *puts her hands on her hips*
Sanaa: "This floor needs to be cleaned!" *gasp* "I DO sound like Mommy!"

The End

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Zoo, snow, and balloons... catching up on the past few weeks

In December Nate and I decided to buy a yearly pass to the Portland zoo. We live 15-20 minutes from it and thought it would be a fun thing to do with the girls. We've already been to the zoo 3 times since then, which has pretty much paid off the yearly pass. From here on out our zoo trips will be free. Yay! The girls LOVE the zoo and Sanaa asks weekly to go back. 

Layla and Sanaa (and Nate) enjoying some ice cream at the zoo. This is something I don't understand. It was cold at the zoo, yet all 3 of them wanted ice cream. Watching them eat the ice cream just made me even colder than I already was.

A week and a half ago we got a little bit of snow. The girls were very excited, so even though it was Layla's nap time, we went outside to play in the snow for a few minutes. It was a good thing we did because by the time Layla was up from her nap most of the snow was gone.

One of my favorite pictures of Sanaa. I need to frame this one!

Uncle Ryan and aunt Karen gave each girl a sled for Christmas. We still need to use them outside, but for the time being they make an awesome place to lay down and rest in! Sanaa will also push Layla around the house on one of the sleds too.

The girls found a bunch of water balloons I had forgotten about. I blew some up for them but there was so much static that the balloons began sticking to anything. There was a lot of giggling from both girls as the balloons stuck to their heads and clothes.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Christmas, part 2

It's nearly the end of January and I still haven't gotten the rest of our Christmas pictures up! The week before Christmas Nate's parents flew out to visit us. We had a lot of fun with them and I know the girls enjoyed all the attention they got from Papa Gene and Gramma Carol.

On one of the days Nate's parents were here we rode "daddy's train" (a.k.a the MAX) into downtown Portland to visit Nate's work and see the huge Christmas tree in Pioneer Square. Sanaa thought the train ride was great! Layla just wanted out of the stroller so she could run around.

We also went to the Portland zoo to see the zoo lights one evening but I didn't get any pictures of that. The zoo lights were awesome! We'll be going back next year for sure!

Two days before Nate's parents had to leave we opened Christmas presents and both girls had a lot of fun discovering the new toys they got.

Layla received some baby dolls for Christmas and she's had a great time playing with her new dolls. She takes pretty good care of her dolls, so I'm hoping she'll be fairly receptive to a new baby in our house in a few months.

Sanaa's big gift from Nate and I was a scooter and she has loved riding it. She rides it nearly every day.

While Nate's parents were here they also helped get more of our boxes unpacked as well as put the girl's outdoor play structure together and put Nate's new desk together. Since they left.... I haven't done much of anything which means I still have a lot of boxes in the garage. Maybe once the weather is warmer I'll have the energy to get out there and finish unpacking.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Christmas, part 1

It's probably about time I get some Christmas pictures up. The weekend after Thanksgiving, the girls and I headed to my parents house to help my mom make Christmas cookies. My mom bakes a variety of cookies every Christmas and this was the first time I got to help in a number of years! I think we'll make this an annual event and as the girls get older they can start helping more.

Sanaa and Layla both wore their aprons for a little while.

Pressing the cookie batter into the cookie mold. They stayed focused for a little bit. I tried to get Layla to spread out her cookie dough, but she kept trying to put the dough in the same spot.

I think the girls favorite part was decorating some cookies. However, Layla spent more time licking the icing than decorating. Sanaa on the other hand enjoyed the decorating process and was very excited about showing her cookies to daddy once we got home.

Christmas Day was spent with my parents. We went to church with them in the morning. After church we swung by the hospital to meet my new niece and then headed to my parents house for Christmas lunch. After Layla's nap we opened presents.

Sanaa and Layla in their Christmas dresses.

Playing at my parents house with a wooden train that my dad found in the attic. This was made by my dad's dad for my dad when he was a little boy. I even remember playing with this train when I was little!

Opening presents with my parents.

Layla watched everyone else open their stockings and just sat by hers. Finally I dumped her contents out so she'd get the idea that something was in there for her to open.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Hair cuts and makeup

Last week, Sanaa and I got our hair cut. This was Sanaa's second time to get a trim. The first time she was  pretty scared and insisted on sitting on my lap for her trim. This time she sat in the "special" chair and wore a fish cape. So cool! Sanaa had 2 inches taken off and I had several inches chopped off. 

Yesterday, Nate let me take a nap and said he would hang out with Sanaa while Layla napped. Sanaa got to watch some tv and Nate took a little nap. Unfortunately, while Nate napped Sanaa decided to put on some "makeup" (red marker). She wanted to wear lipstick like mommy, but also added something to her forehead. Nate had her all cleaned up by the time I got up so I only saw these pictures which I thought was hilarious!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Our 9th Anniversary

This past Wednesday was our 9th wedding anniversary. Wow! Nate had off so we started the day with a fun treat for all.... donuts. After breakfast we headed off to my doctor's appointment to check on baby #3. Then we picked up some lunch and went to visit uncle Ryan, aunt Karen, and Ariana. This was Layla's first time to meet her new cousin. We then headed to my parents house to give Layla a nap since we didn't think she'd make it all the way back to our house. Plus, Nate and I wanted a break. After Layla's nap we stopped in to see grandpa (my dad) at work before heading home. Even though our entire anniversary was spent running around, it was neat that we in the same town where we got married 9 years ago.

The girls really enjoyed their donuts, especially since there were sprinkles on top!

Layla really liked her new cousin. She would pat Ariana on the head and even tried to give her a hug. Layla is really into playing with her dolls and carries them around our house, so I think seeing a real baby that is roughly the size of her dolls was fascinating to her.

My check up went well. The baby's heart beat was nice and strong. I am 15 1/2 weeks along and still dealing with morning sickness. It's not as bad as it was in the beginning but I'm quite ready for it to be gone. The morning sickness started around 6 weeks, so nearly 10 weeks of feeling queasy is getting old. I've also started showing quite a bit sooner with this pregnancy than the last two. With Sanaa I looked like this when I was closer to 19 weeks. I apparently didn't start taking belly shots with Layla until 26 weeks, so I can't compare those pictures until later.