Monday, December 26, 2011

An unexpected Christmas gift

Around 8:15am yesterday morning my brother called me. I knew that meant only one thing. Their baby was coming! But I was wrong. Their baby was here! My sister-in-law had her water break late Christmas Eve night and my newest niece was born bright and early Christmas morning at 4:55am. 

Arianna Elizabeth is the newest member of our family and my brother and sister-in-law's first child. Mom, baby, and dad are all doing well. They are quite tired considering they were up all day Saturday, all night on Saturday, and all day on Sunday.

The tired but proud new dad.

Friday, December 23, 2011


This week has been very busy. Nate's parents flew in for a visit on Monday and then left early this morning. We had a great time with them and I need to write a post on that with some of the pictures we took. 

This weekend we'll spend time with my family and I'm honestly not sure what to expect. You're probably wondering why in the world I said that, but my brother and his wife are expecting their first child. Her due date is December 26. Right now we're just waiting for her to go into labor. So, while we're planning to spend Christmas day together, we all understand that plans may change at any moment! 

On top of that, my grandma (mom's mom) was hospitalized earlier this week. This morning she needed surgery, which was unexpected and we were told she had a 50/50 chance of coming through the surgery. She came out of surgery fine and is recovering very well. But this morning things were very uncertain. You can continue to keep my grandma in your prayers. I know we'd all appreciate it.

On a completely different note, a little daughter of mine has been rearranging and adding to our nativity. I like the giant sheep that has become part of it! When I first saw it I chuckled because I saw the small sheep on the roof but didn't see the donkey anywhere. Then I noticed the donkey on the roof as well. Maybe I need to get my eyes checked. I've stopped rearranging the nativity back to the way I had it and would rather Sanaa spend time with it so that we can talk about the real reason for this Christmas season.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Last girl standing

Since last Wednesday we have been battling the stomach bug in our house. It hit me Wednesday night and Thursday. Then late Friday night Sanaa got it. She was pretty wiped out the entire weekend. By Monday Sanaa was doing better and Nate and Layla were still healthy. We made it though the entire week with no one else getting sick and I thought we were finally done with the stomach bug...... until this morning when it struck Nate. NOOO!!!!!! I'm really hoping this is the last of it and somehow Layla manages to escape the bug. She's the only one left to not get it.

Needless to say, this bug has not helped me get ready for Christmas and now I find myself scrambling to get things done in time. I'm not sure when our Christmas cards will get mailed, but I figure if the cards show up after Christmas that will be a nice surprise for people. 

Sanaa sleeping on the couch. This is where she spent most of the weekend.

Nate and Layla doing yard work on Sunday. Since Sanaa was still sick we stayed home from church.

Working on puzzles. This is one of Layla's new favorite pass times. She does really well with the puzzles and needs very little help from me.

Even Sanaa has been enjoying puzzles. It's nice having them work on quiet activities every once in awhile.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Pre-concert photos

Trying to get a good picture of Sanaa in her Christmas dress.

Layla played well while we waited for Sanaa's concert to start. She spent a lot of time drawing and coloring. Layla also enjoyed the concert and danced along with the songs the kids sang.

A fun sister picture.

Sanaa's first preschool concert

In November, we enrolled Sanaa in preschool. She's been attending for just over a month and has loved going to school. She attends twice a week for 2 1/2 hours. This past Tuesday Sanaa had her Christmas concert. I meant to post this on Wednesday but the stomach bug knocked me out of commission for a good 24 hours. Sanaa did not sing all and looked scared. During the last song she started crying which broke my heart. After the concert she told me that she was sad because she wanted to be with her family. Maybe next year's concert will go better.

Monday, December 5, 2011

18 months old

Last week (on Thursday) Layla turned 18 months. Only 6 more months till her 2nd birthday. Wow! On Friday she had her 18 month check up. It went well and she didn't need any shots. The pediatrician said she is growing well and has no concerns about her health. Layla is a very petite child and only weighed 21 pounds (that was fully clothed with her diaper on!). That puts her in the 7th percentile for weight. She was 30.5 inches tall and was in the 18th percentile for height.

Layla is a very active child and loves to climb on anything. I'm frequently pulling her off of the table, off of the bathroom counter (where she likes to turn on the sink water) and off of her rocking chair which she prefers to stand in instead of sitting. She tries to jump off of her rocking chair and laughs about it.

If you leave your food on the table, Layla will find it and finish eating it for you. Below, she found Sanaa's breakfast and finished it.

Layla is talking a little. Some of words in her vocabulary include: daddy, apple, up, more, "quack," "meow," llama (sounds like mama), "baa," cracker and "dop" which means thank you.

She enjoys playing with her big sister and will follow Sanaa around. I do hear a lot of fighting between the two but there are also some peaceful moments when they play nicely together.