Friday, November 11, 2011

Our house

We've been in our new house for about 2 weeks. It is still full of boxes and quite cluttered but it's nice to have our own place again. I'm struggling with putting things away because our new house is about 300 sq. ft. smaller than our former house in Texas. I have less storage in the kitchen but that will be solved tomorrow. I found a nice hutch on craigslist and went to see it today. The family selling the hutch lives about 1.5 miles from us! They also have a dining room table for sale that I'll be getting too. Sweet!

But without further ado... some pictures of our new house complete with clutter and boxes!

The kitchen.

The kitchen and family room are one area.

Looking from the kitchen towards the front door. The dining room is in this front area.

Our dining room.... someday. Right now it's our storage room.

Master bedroom.

Girls room.

Layla's side.

Sanaa's side of the room. We do have a new bed for her but haven't put it together yet.

Guest room.

The part that sold me on house... the backyard!

And my own garden area that is fenced off from the rest of the backyard! I can't wait until spring to plant stuff! 

Once the clutter and boxes are gone I'll take better pictures of our house. I'll also get a better picture of our dining room with the table and hutch.

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Kristen said...

it looks wonderful, Rosa!! I'm so glad you have a nice backyard for the girls plus the garden area!! :)