Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Around the house

I'm still not feeling the greatest. The first trimester of pregnancy and I do not get along at all. The only thing the first trimester is good for is losing weight on my part. So, I still haven't finished unpacking. My goal each day is to survive and attempt to keep Sanaa and Layla entertained. Luckily, they have started playing fairly well together. We do have issues with Sanaa not sharing toys, grabbing toys from Layla, and playing a little too rough. But Layla is a tough girl and it won't be long before she fights back. 

Exploring the floor vents. In Texas our vents were in the ceiling, so the girls get a huge kick out of feeling the warm air coming out of the floor.

"Working" at daddy's new desk.

Ranger Sanaa. She likes to pretend to be a ranger, but this picture makes me think of a safari.

Having a picnic before bed.

Doing yard work.

Playing in the tub. I have no idea why they like to play in the tub but they do.

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