Sunday, October 16, 2011

Update: Grandma and House

I have two updates for you. The first is that my grandma went home from the hospital about a week ago on Monday (Oct 10). My mom stayed in PA for the week and returned home last night. My grandma is doing well and we're quite thankful that she is back home.

The second update is on our house. We're scheduled to close on the 27th of this month. Our loan has been approved but is contingent on us securing home owner's insurance. The home owner's insurance has been hard to get and so far 2 insurance companies won't insure the house unless we get a new roof. The roof is about 25 years old and is still in good condition but due to it's age the insurance companies won't insure the house. So frustrating! We are waiting to hear back from 2 more insurance companies and hopefully one of them will insure the house and not require us to replace the roof immediately. If we had a year or two to save some money to replace the roof that would be fine, but replacing it immediately makes things hard financially.

The seller's have also asked to stay in the house a day or two after closing which is something we're trying to negotiate. I flat out said no because I want to move in immediately. That is mainly so that we can get out items out of storage. On Nov 5th we would have to pay for a 3rd month of storage and I really don't want to. We have one week (from the time we close to Nov 5) to get our stuff from storage to our house and with some of the bigger items (like the washer, dryer, fridge) we'll need to get a couple of stronger guys (like my dad and brother) to help us move those. So we really need to start moving right after we close since that is the last weekend before we hit Nov 5.

Once we get moved in I'll get some pictures posted for you all!!!

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