Sunday, October 16, 2011

Playing, helping, exploring

Slugs are still fun to play with around here. I thought the novelty would have worn off by now but it hasn't. In fact, both girls have graduated to picking up the slugs with their hands. Yuck. Sanaa will even show me the big slugs that she finds.

Moss on trees is another fun thing we explore. Every tree around has moss on it and it's not something we're use to seeing.

Helping grandpa. A ladder or step stool gets put up and the girls automatically climb it.

Making bird food. Sanaa really likes to help in the kitchen and she got to help grandpa make some bird food.

It's a tea party! Sanaa treated her animals to a fun party with tea, ice cream, and felt cup cakes. On Pinterest I found some fun suggestions on using felt shapes. One was to cut out cupcake shapes (the icing, the cupcake, the liner, and sprinkles) so that the child could create and decorate their own cupcakes.

(On a side note, if you haven't discovered Pinterest it's pretty cool. It's a huge time waster, but I find a lot of ideas there! :-) It's basically a place to pin ideas you find around the web so that you have all your cooking, crafts, holiday ideas, travel dreams, etc. in one place. You're not stuck thinking, "Oh man. I remember seeing ______, but I don't know what website that was on.")

Head bands! How many head bands can you wear? Layla believes you should wear ALL the headbands at the same time. I'm sure she's on the cutting edge of a new fashion trend.

"Cheese!" When you catch Layla in a place that she knows she shouldn't be she gives you a huge smile as if to say, "Surprise! You found me!"

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