Friday, October 7, 2011

Pictures from our week

It's October and the cloudy/rainy days have begun. We've spent more time indoors this week than outdoors. The girls still really enjoy playing outside in the rain and it's mainly me that gets tired of being cold and wet. The girls would just keep playing most of the day outside if I let them despite the coolness and rain. I guess I'm just the party pooper around her. Oh, well.

Nate and the girls. I took this after church as we waited for lunch. Layla was hungry and tired which is why she was crying. But this is a great picture of the three of them.

But after a little food, everyone is ready to play and goof off. The girls entertained all of us as they stood on their stools and said, "Ta-da!" Layla is quite good at balancing and didn't have any trouble climbing up on the little stool and standing there.

On Sunday I turned the blanket I made Sanaa when she was a baby into a pillow. She never really slept with the blanket but has needed a soft thin pillow. Sanaa loves the pillow and after I finished it she told me I needed to make one for Layla. Guess I'll add that to my project list.

Sanaa modeling her pillow. She's used it every night since I made it.

Layla is growing up too fast for me. She prefers to sit at the table in the big chair to scribble. 

Layla's first experience with paint. Layla is a messy child and I've been very hesitant to give her things that will make an even bigger mess. After each meal the floor, the table, and Layla are covered in food. But I finally took a deep breath and let her paint and it wasn't too bad. She kept most of the paint on the plate and paper. When she started trying to paint the table I called it quits. I didn't think my mom would appreciate Layla's artist accents to her dining room table.

Sanaa was busy painting footsteps. She is really into drawing/painting things she sees. She will often make clouds, mountains, trees, people, etc. I can't always tell what it is that she made but she always tells me about her picture.

Tuesday I was trying to make dinner and the girls were being extra clingy/whiny/fussy and driving me crazy. So I gave them some trash to play with. I'm only partially joking. I poked holes in an empty bread crumb container and an empty oatmeal container. Then I pulled out some pipe cleaner and showed Layla how to put it into the holes. Both girls were quite entertained and still play with those silly containers. My dad showed up and chuckled that the girls were so engrossed with playing with trash. Guess we don't need to buy them very many toys this Christmas! 

A sweet smile from my sweet girl.


Kristen said...

I love your makeshift toy idea - brilliant!

karen said...

oh sister - the cold and wet will be here for at least 8 more months! =o)