Friday, October 7, 2011

My Grandma

On Tuesday my mom came home and told us she had received a call from one of her siblings letting her know that her mom had been rushed to the hospital. Things did not look to good on Tuesday evening and we were quite worried about my grandma. On Wednesday morning my mom decided to fly back to Pennsylvania after talking with one of her sister's. She booked a red-eye flight and left late Wednesday night.

My grandma has congestive heart failure that she's been dealing with for awhile but this was the worst episode she has had. Thankfully she's doing better. She does currently have a touch of pneumonia, fluid in her lungs, and an infection in her legs. She is on antibiotics for the infection and that is getting better. The doctors are not able to remove the fluid from her lungs right now since my grandma is on medication that makes her blood thinner (my dad thought it might be medication for high blood pressure but we're not sure). They are taking her off the medication so that her blood can thicken up before they go in to remove the fluid from her lungs. Hopefully tomorrow (Saturday) or Sunday they'll be able to remove the fluid and it's possible that she might be able to go home on Monday.

I'm quite thankful my grandma is doing better but she could still use your prayers. My mom most likely won't be returning home until the end of next week.

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Kristen said...

we'll be praying!!!