Saturday, October 29, 2011

Apple picking

Every fall my dad's siblings (at the least the ones living in Oregon) get together to make apple cider. This is a 2-weekend event. The first weekend, everyone who can meets up at an apple orchard to pick apples. The following weekend they get together to make the cider. This is the first time I've ever been around to join in and I'm pretty excited.

This morning I took the girls and we went apple picking with the extended family. The girls did well and really enjoyed themselves.

Layla and Sanaa heading down the apple row with aunt LaVerne.

Aunt LaVerne instructing Layla to put the apples in the bucket.

Sanaa helping my dad pick some apples.

Sanaa insisted on carrying her own bucket..... at least until it got to heavy which was when it contained about 10 apples.

Even Layla carried her own bucket.

Some apples were a little harder to pull off than others.

The girls really wanted to climb up high like grandpa.

After working for awhile it was time to enjoy an apple for snack.

Layla ate 2 apples.

A shot down the apple row. It was a foggy morning which is why you can't see the end of the row very well.

If you're wondering how many apples were picked, look at the post below with my uncle Norm's truck. Uncle Norm's trailer and truck were completely filled with apples! That is a lot of apples! Next Saturday is cider making day. And yes, I'll be taking pictures and let you know how many gallons of cider we make.

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